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Ok, I got my KX800.4 today. I love it so far and these things are way underrated (the birth sheet for mine says 928 watts). Anyway, when does the internal cooling fan turn on? I used mine for quite awhile today, and the case of the amp got so hot you could not touch it. I even started to smell that "electronics that are too hot" smell. It never went into thermal protection mode, but the fan never came on. Should it have? Or is my fan broken? I'm only using one sub right now (the other one is on the way) so in turn only 2 channels of the amp. Could this have anything to do with it?


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Well where did you get your amp?If its a Refurb you might have just gotten screwed but yea if the amp is is sooo hot you cant touch it and the electronics start to smell theres a problem your cooling fan should be on after like 10 minutes of continuous playing time.It has nothing to do with the other 2 channels not being hooked up.

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I wouldn't worry about the smell. that's just the amp warming up. They do that. The fan should only turn on when needed, to vent more hot air.
Otherwise it should stay off to reduce noise.
You probably aren't pushing the amp that hard really. Not yet.
The fan isn't needed yet. Class AB amps always get hot like that.
Good ones do anyway.
I had my Orion 2125SX and 280GX that worked the same way. average running temp was around 160 degrees. If you touched the fins on those amps during use, you'd leave burn marks on your fingers.
They never shut off though.

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Thanks guys. It's not hot ehough to burn me but it's too hot to touch for any period of time. Today in my rage I gave it a good whack and the fan started spinning.... Who says violence doesn't solve anything? And the smell was staring to go away earlier.

Thanks again
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