JBL 1200.1 ==> Ohms Law Question


1200W @ 1ohm load
1200W @ 2ohm load
600W @ 4ohm load

114A max current draw?

If I were to run the amp at 4 ohm would the current draw be cut in half to about 60 amps or so? Or would it still be 114?

I = V/R but I dont know if I can do that in this case.

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short answer, yes, at 4 Ohms, it's about 60A or so.

the output is throttled at 1 Ohm to the same as a 2 Ohm output so there, the current draw stays the same.
since with a class D amp, the signal is reconstructed at higher power from a digitally sampled input source signal, the amount of power the amp puts out on the far end can be throttled that way. In the case of going from 2 to 4 Ohms though yeah it's simple Ohms law, with about a 20% fudge factor added on top for efficiency and heat loss.
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