Another Unheard of brand... KOVE Audio....


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Has anyone used or had any experience with it? - it seems funny to me, as I was checking prices on the finalists for my 4-channel amp, the guy at this shop started trashing JL Audio and pretty much every other brand (Autotek, korean, cheap; Avionixx, same as Profile; Soundstream, overrated... - according to him, of course) that was not Zapco but all of a sudden he "remembered" about this KOVE and produced a single poster showing alleged IASCA wins and an endorsement from Fred Durst (which is where he lost me...) - oh, and get this, the W7 "is not really a musical sub, just an SPL one and not a very good one" and the best buy for SQ is the JL Audio W0.... car audio is getting to be like the used car market, ain't it?

But then I got really curious.... where or how the heck do all these brands appear overnight, seemingly?



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Username: Josebyron

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Ok, so I did more thorough research on the web (and read more carefully the list that Glasswofl kindly provided me) and Kove seems to be a rocking choice. I just thought it was curious that they did not have much in the way of marketing of literature and that the guy coudn't really tell me WHy it was so good.

Live and learn.... and admit when you're wrong!

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The kova's were probably his best markup. I generally try not to trash companies, because in all the IASCA comp. I have been to, various brands win. If the guy couldn't tell you why they were good, he probably didn't know.
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