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i have a 340 watt max 4 chnl amplifier. its not much but hey... i got it for washing a car. anyway i put 2 10' 150 watt each subs on it...(i was kinda broke) the point is though is that i bridged my amp..YES it is bridgeable.. to put out a max of 170 on the subs. I figured that my amp wasn't going to produce 340 watts at all time so i thought it would work out. Even as a precaution i only turned the channels on my amp up about halfway. Now this worked fine until my amp blew one of its fuses. So i changed the fuse and figured that everything was fine so i turned my stereo up a lil. As it turned out both of my subs were blown. I can get the exact same subs new because of warranty but i dont really want to blow anymore of them. The only thing i can figure is that when the fuse blew it sent some kind of surge and fried my subs. Any suggestions on how to stop this or do i just need to buy a different set of subs?

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Did you bridge the four channel amp to two channels, then wire each subs to one of the bridged channels? When the fuse blew on the amp, no more electrical signal was passed. How do you know the subs are blown, what kind of sound do they make? Definitely return under warranty, and make sure you get four ohm svc subs, or two two ohm dvc subs, so that you can send a four ohm load to each bridged channel.

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heres how the manual told me to bridge..
4 channels
__-__+__-__+__-__+__-__+ channel
_____-_____+_____-_____+ speakers
.. it even says on the amp itself to bridge this way. and ya the subs are blown. they're all distorted no matter what i plug them in to

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well one way to fry ur fuse is accidently touch power to ground (which can be done very easily) and if you do it in such a way, it may send a surge through your amp before the fuse melts and possibly could screw your subs over?

im not sure, go to a car stereo shop, hav them look at it and tell them to find out whats wrong or else...

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ya maybe... any other suggestions
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