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Whats louderSubfanatic2
1600 watts to play withmaxworker1
Hey subfanatic i got two questionsJexx3
Come on guys i really need to know if this rightJexxen Trivic7
Need an amp for 2 12"sAlpineThumping5
Jl subs (w6 & w7)ucfsaxman9
Boston 12" G5...WTF?!?!?kevin kerston4
ON TIGHT budget.. J/W if this is a good set up for my price rangeDanny Smith10
Going for a WorldRecord tomarrow......Apocalypse20
What is the difference between....Chris Person14
SPLX 15 better then XXXzac davis2
Diamond Audio TDX or M6Mikey M13
Which Sub is good for me?Jake Hill5
Yo! sean and bassmanmike and alpine check out what i foundsean12
1600 watts to play withdonny keen3
THD dose it play a big role in mono amps?James Longo15
Building a plexiglass boxdonny keen2
Sean, jon, subfan sum1 that can tell me what these are for and how ...donny keen7
Sub brands????Jake Chesley23
Enclosure QuestionJeremy776
How much does dynamat help?makenx192
Buy or sell? help neededmakenx193
Trevor did you look over the avalanch abc boxsean5
Sweet mother of godJames Longo14
How to beat a Re x x x 15?James Longo22
Anyone wonderabout the lmt motor and how it works and whos using it...Hunter Warren4
Audiobahn subs 4 saleJeremy Edwards9
What does SPL stand for?Hunter Warren17
Which should i getkenny eugene hammond5
Alpine type r vs kicker cvrDynOmite13
Is Blaupunkt a good brand for subwoofers?Jake Hill10
Should I buy them?taylor178
MTX wowtaylor1711
Need a good sub box?Jake Hill4
Kinda weird ? but here it goesBassManMIke16
Difference Between Ava 15" and 18"?E16
James E13
No place can work on a Land Rover * I need Help*Nick Price8
Help building a boxBassManMIke5
Jonathan or anyone else who knows what tehyre talkign aboutBassManMIke3
Hu's??donny keen5
Need two 15" subs for about $150Danny Smith4
Question about ohms, please help...James Longo5
Purely crappy SPLTrevor Eaton5
Is this damaging my subwoofers? autotekman8
Question about ohms, please help...James Longo4
Question for the pro's...Jonathan3
Winisd wizardsMark S4
What size wire real qucik?Jonathan4
Does Volvenhag suck?sean22
Memphis M-series or Punch Stage 2?Aaron Gallegos1
System stufftaylor174
What size screw for box??James Longo8
Trevor eaton valanch 15 abc box i said id do for yousean6
What's better, 2 10"s or 1 15" ???Jack Death5
Explain how DVC effects ohms pleaseAnonymous9
My review on that txx 10 audiopipezac davis3
Wire Problemsdisturb3d_pri3st3
Plz FAST help, Alpine or JL?who cares4
Help neededdisturb3d_pri3st2
Weaker amp or more subsdisturb3d_pri3st10
What does it mean to tune an enclosure?disturb3d_pri3st4
Sub boxMark S9
Someone smart neededTrav13
Let it outsean124
Hey Subfanaticdustin pettit11
JL vs. Rockford Fosgate Isaac W.11
Hey i really need to know about those Legacy speakersDanny Smith5
What Amp?michael dunn2
2x alpine type R VS 2x JL 12W6v2michael dunn11
Jl subsmichael dunn4
Power Acoustic FUBR vs. Alpine Type RBassManMIke21
For Sale/trade: Memphis 1000D and 2 12" MojosTrueBlue0329
How do you do this?? DynOmite3
Box for two Eclipse SW9122Jake Hill28
Tuning port hzscott DeBaker5
BEST 15" Subwoofer!?Hunter Warren20
Eclipse SW9122sJake Hill3
Need help with amp sell/sub switch probmakenx191
Sub box help!!Jack Death3
What is the loudest set up with a 2000watt amp?taylor173
My stuff!Yamaha Banshee50
Yo dan these are the coaxs i was talking about last nightHunter Warren2
Boston Acoustics g510 vs. Eclipse Aluminum 8102.4?AlpineThumping7
I haev always wonderedSubfanatic8
Enclosure size mean interior of box or space left over after sub is...Sean Gibson19
Trevor Eaton avalanch 15 abc box roughly doneTrevor Eaton17
Guys check this out Isaac29
Sub box design programsdonny keen4
What's the difference between SPL and SQ?BassManMIke3
Me vs. my friends brothers friend lolBassManMIke13
Need the best amp BassManMIke6
Need helpD3
Dual OhmBassManMIke5
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