ON TIGHT budget.. J/W if this is a good set up for my price range


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im on a very tight budget and i was wondering if this set up would be good-

HU- %26
pioneer premier^(someone said somthin bout it putting out 4v and my amp not bein able to handle it?? i dunno)

2 12" kicker cvr-dunno if sealed or ported yet
MTX 801d OR audiobahn A800T

all would be installed by someone else since im not good at this stuff(would i save that much $ doin it myself anyway?)

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you would save alot its not that hard to self install. and go with the mtx, audiobahn sux.

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haha we'll imma need like STEP BY STEP instructions.. is there one of those books i could buy installation for dummies lol, im smart but i don't know anything on this subject. ANY good online websites that help you out?

and when you say alot is that like 50-60$

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do not get kickers GO JL kickers sound like sh** just make a good decision, w0s are ok and i had them and they are loud and sound a hell of a lot louder than cvrs

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man if you had a friend who can do it try to find a peer to help you install, if you go to a shop some of them around here charge around 340 and thats cheap... if you need help man just hit us up with what kind of car you got i will go through it step by step with you its quite simple...

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dunn you are crazy is u think w0s are better then the compvrs ... the comps are very comparable to the w3s my friend ...

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Stay with the comp's, if he's on that tight of a budget, he's not gonna be able to afford w0's or w3's.

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The Audiobahn A8000T or A8002T are good amps for the price, and should work well in your application.

Yes you'll save quite a bit of money by installing it yourself, plus you'll learn a lot, which will make it easier and cheaper if you plan on upgrading later.

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Installing your own system gives you more pride. You'll understand how everything works so if something goes wrong, you'll know where to look. Oh, it'll save you money too :P.

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hes right installing ur system does give u pride and u can fix if it breaks. i recommend u do it urself but if u know nothing then get a friend that knows a little something to help u cuz it can be a bit difficult in some spots. but overall its fairly easy to do.
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