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I was looking through some older posts and in one you mention how using a volt meter you an accuratly set your gain but you didnt go into detail on how. could you explain? Ive read some other places on how to do this but I never fully understood.

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yes do tell :-)

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idk if youve read stuff on but id say that site can teach you almost anything... i think i actually have read that on the site but i didnt have the equipment to do that so i stopped reading.... if this is the site i read it on... its very easy to follow try it out...

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Meaning if you know either two of the parameters (which you do) you can calculate the other

If you have a 100Wx2 amp and a 4 ohm speaker on each channel, you'll simply hook the voltmeter up to that channel and measure the power output.

100W x 4 = (V^2/4) x 4
Take the square root of both sides (since V is to the second power) and you get 20 Volt output. Wanted to point that out since there isn't a square root key on the keyboard :-) Set your gain to equal 20 volts (or whatever you come up with depending on your amps power output).
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