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Okay, I've been reading up on car audio lately and get the basics of it, however, Ohms screw me up. I realize the difference between parallel and series wiring but, what does Dual Ohm mean? I plan on getting 2x Alpine SWR-1242D Subs, or JL 12W3v2, but the "Dual Ohm" (2+2 and 4+4) screw me up. Can anyone please explain this to me. (Also which subs do you think are better, give me an opinion, I plan on getting an Alpine CDA-9853 Head Unit and 2 front speakers as well. I need amp suggestions also) Thanks.

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Dual ohm voice coils basically refers to the resistance in the wires that are used to power the subs. Amplifiers give different wattages at different impedancies or resistances. So with 4-4 you can wire them to 8ohm or 2 ohm and with 2-2 you can wire a speaker to 4ohm or 1ohm it all depends on the amp that you want to get. What amp are you lookin at. I have 2 alpine type R's and they are nice but JL makes great stuff depends if you want 1000watt amp or 600.

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Im not really sure what amp Im gonna use, I gotta figure out how Im going to hook up my 2 subs.. Any suggestions? Im basically looking for a great system so maybe JBL amp or something, but trying to keep the price down as well. Do you have 2-2 or 4-4 Type R's? And what amp do you have? If you were to wire 2, 4-4 subs (parallel), to say, the JBL GTO1201.1 II at 2 ohms running 1100 RMS watts, would this be 1100 to each sub or 600 to each sub? (I realize this is too many watts for either of the subs I listed)

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To run 2 Type R in a parallel on one amp you need a 1ohm stable amp. Which is hard to get with a low THD. If your gong to do 2 Type R's.Get 2 MRD-605 amps.

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OR... Get 2 4+4 DVC type R's and one amp that puts out 1000 watts at 1 ohm and wire the subs in parallel/parallel. This amp for example.
both sub will recieve there RMS of 500.
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