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Sometimes i wanna cryHunter Warren11
Atlas 15" right for my car?new guy1
Polyfill it?Jeepo3
Vent vs port??Bryan B13
Good cheap 8ohm subs? sean3
Need help guys.AlpineThumping8
AMPS Rob Fox6
Slam for lessDropp10
New RE LineupDropp3
Best box for Avalanche 15?Isaac26
Volfenhag volfenhagJoe Smoe13
SoundStream 6" x 9"?Joe Smoe6
Getting the most outta my moneyron10
Any one else has this problem?Joe Smoe4
HO Alternator necessary?MO2
James or anyone with experience with the ascendant audio 12 or the ...db-bass3
Subwoofer in a convertibleAnonymous1
Where to find eclipse ti 12" subwoofer????Subfanatic4
I need a box for 3 12'sAlpineThumping5
Quick Q help plzsean2
2 RE SE 15s, which amp?David Jetton1
Jl audio 15 w3Bobby Nelson4
Jl w7 or w6v2ucfsaxman7
Kicker square 15'sfreedom3
Subwoofer fitting problemUgochukwu Adiukwu1
Finally Got My System... But The Lights Still Dim.freedom14
Anyone atlas 12 questionsean4
REX.X.X pricingAlpineThumping4
James, Johnathan, Atlas 15" Box HELPsean3
What is a good website for infinity?Sean Naber3
Alpine lovers helpAlpineThumping6
Haha im lost Richard Hassler7
I have 2 12w6v2's in JL prowedge box for SALE !!!MO12
Question on powering the Atlas 12'sFishy3
AmP hElP!!!!!sean34
Need help looking for a box for my subsChris Person4
What sub for mtx 801d amp? i want sq AND splBonnie18
I might of found my cheap spl sub?sean67
Sub hows da subbox doing???N T1
new mtx ucfsaxman10
How much louder????taylor174
Is it true???sean3
How to remove factory headunit from a 2001 ford focussean5
I'm glad some one warned me....howie feltersnatch1
Ordering my box soon...howie feltersnatch6
WAY off topic.Sean Hague4
Ported Box for 1 12w6v2 / James or JonathanMO12
Good subs for 1000x1 @1ohm amp? + questions6876897607815
Noise as a Weaponsean16
Sub Poll...ATTN: Audiophiles!ThatGuyYouKnow8
Sean Box Helpsean6
30hz a good tune pointsean46
Subfantic did you change that port?sean1
Why are though so many stupid people in my town?!ThatGuyYouKnow8
AH HA! Nice priceThatGuyYouKnow1
Ok ok i finally got the atlas 15 now what box?Zach Arritt10
R two twelves louder than 1 15 HELPAlpineThumping4
Problem- ringing sound with soundAlpineThumping6
Best Budget AmpAlpineThumping2
Pioneer subsAlpineThumping7
Camaro 10 InchAlpineThumping4
Experts ?AlpineThumping3
What the deleo????AlpineThumping5
Kicker 12's and smaller uselessAlpineThumping8
DVC 2ohm 1200wRMS 15" subsAlpineThumping2
SubfanJames Longo8
Dynamat the whole door?bassfishing8
Hey Hunter!James Longo1
BOX experts HELP!!!Jeff Loughrey2
Subfantic about the epic 160 and bass cubesean1
Do you think this would be a good/cheap spl sub to play with?Ucan_volf_my_hag118
Short Mounting Depth Sub For Truck.Matt Robinson3
SPL Subwoofersscott DeBaker8
Could i run this off a 135A alternator? i could really use your opi...Trevor Eaton6
Calling ALLL experts!!!sean18
Subfantic whats up with this ti box?sean22
Car audio is bomb subs dont have to befreedom9
Sub box helpSubfanatic2
Help with subs pleaseSimon2
Best SuB'sAnonymous5
Does dynamat increase bassJake Davis7
Need help withy a systemChris Person9
Talk about ghetto blaster!!!!!!!Makaveli16
Subwoofer setupucfsaxman5
Getting four volfenhag 15's objections any oneJacob Clabaugh20
WEIRD responseSubfanatic10
Highest SPL 10 with GREAT SQscott DeBaker10
SYSTEMS?!?!?!?!!?Jeff Loughrey5
Help with System!!!!!Alan Girard19
10s an ampsAnonymous1
Zapco 750.2 or JL 1000/1 for avalanche?Trevor Eaton1
Atlas and Avalanche no longer XBL2Trevor Eaton43
Port turbulancebassfishing2
ATlas and AVAN T1
I know what my box is tuned too, now I need helpbassfishing13
Subfantic about the ti boxsean1
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