Highest SPL 10 with GREAT SQ


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I'm looking for opinions on a sub. Here's what I've got and what I'm looking for.
Boss Audio IQ-10
Audiobahn A4002T amp
MTX Thunderform for a 96 Ranger

I had tried getting an Audiobahn ALUM10Q for SPL and SQ but the things on the back made the diameter of the sub too big so it wouldn't fit in my enclosure. Also, now I realize Audiobahn is crap. The amp seems alright though. I don't know.

I'd like an opinion on Audiobahn amps and Boss subs, as well as what I should go with now that I'm back in the market for new stuff.

I'm looking for a company with GREAT SQ. That's first priority. Among those that meet that criterium, I'm looking for the loudest sub I can get. If it will fit my current amp, great. If not, give me some ideas for that as well. As far as price range, I'm looking for a 3.5 or lower on a scale of 1 to 5. No thousand dollar subs here. I've got Infinity speakers driven by a Power Acoustik amp and a Pioneer Head Unit. I'm looking for companies similar in quality to Infinity.

The subs I've seen so far are the Infinity Kappa Perfect 10.1, JL Audio 10W6V2, and the Alpine SWR-1041D.

Any opinions on and experience with these companies/products would be great. Thanks a lot.

i have memphis m3 mojos in one of my cars and a mojo amp all together my system cost about 4000. thats with 2 15's a mojo amp. A batt. line driver some other thing like parts and labor but the 10 inch m3 mojo drops hard

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i can suggest the infinty perfects the jl audio w6v2s, w3v2s, eclipse als, eclipse ti's, but BoSS in general is not the greatest brand along with audiobahn for car audio, this is my personal expierience

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OK. How about a IDMAX 10v.3D4. I'm lookin at RMS of 1000. I've got a lousy 400 comin from a lousy Audiobahn. What would be the best amp to make this thing put a little boot in my behind? I'd like to match the 1000/1800 ratings closely. Or if anybody thinks I should go a little over/under, gimme some suggestions. Maybe a JL Audio 1000/1? I'm looking for something with nice SQ as well.

Also, how about that Power Acoustik mid/high. Is that good for SQ. Should I change? Thanks

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P.S. When I said "I'm lookin at RMS of 1000." I meant I see that's what it has. I got no problem going higher with something that sounds just as good.

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yea a 1000/1 on that would be great if you can afford it. You really don't need the full 1000 to get it moving. And that sub will definitely have great sq and pretty good spl.

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volfenhag does anyone know about them i had two tweleves that hit harder than my l7 15

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Shut up with the Volfenhag.....F*CK!!! They are $hit. When's the last itme you saw one of them win a competition or any famous people have them, or anyone other than peoplewho are ignorant about soundsystems and only have a few bucks to spend!!! They suck @ss FACE IT!!!.

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So how about the Power Acoustik amp for the mids/highs? I've got a LT720/4 running two Infinity Kappa 572.5cf coaxials and two Infinity reference 6800cs components. LOVE the speakers. Amp sounds good, but is there something better to run those? I'm looking for something right around 90w RMS.

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freedom is right they do hit hard who cares about what other ppl have an dont as long as you like the sound damn
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