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Hey Everyone, please lend me your expertise! I have narrowed down to five subs I might go with, please help me decide which one. I listen to metal,alternative,electronica,classic rock and some world music. I want about 60/40% SQ/SPL or there abouts. It has to hit ungodly deep chest crushingly low bass and yet still be accurate enough for a good double-bass drum roll.I also have to be able to smash my best friends 12w6 w/200 watts rms. I plan on using about 700-900 watts rms for the sub. Thank you,

1. Eclipse TI 12"
2. AA Avalanche 12"
3. RE XXX 12"
4. RE SE 12"
5. ID Idmax 12"

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with that much power i would take the eclipse. It would destroy your friends w6 in spl. And i love their sq. I would recommend teh X.XX but You dont have enough power for the X.X.X

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im pretty sure that with 700-900watts all those subs will outperfrom your friends w6 in spl especially if u put it in a ported box

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600w RMS with REX.X.X would be enoff to blow away that w6, you can always upgrade to a better amp, I swore I'v read around here that a Bramah 12" could reach full xmax at only 300w RMS or was it 600w RMS, But either way your still above that, RE and Adire have about the same Xmax and use the same XBL^2 technology. Some people say bramah sound better some say X.X.X does, it depends on setup and yada yada yada.

The RESE is 600w RMS alone, iv got 2 of these, Im happy for the sq, but you might be happier with the X.X.X if you plan on upgrading amp and pissing your nabiors off...

So many kids have systems in thier trunks... man its horriable living in suburbia, I know iv heard atleast 3 viechals with Audiobahn quality and downward(hard to tell when its that bad)
5 around the RF/Alpine area
2 in the JL/RE quality area

by "quality area" I mean how clean is the signal and how low it is.
Iv got a JL dealer/rims; 2 blocks away, thier parking lot is always filled with honda civics...

Well good luck on your choice.

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I think I too would go with the Eclipse... unless you are going to get a bigger amp. Then in that case go with the x.x.x/brahma

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Thanks for all your input guys, I appreciate it. Its hard to make a good decision when you cant audition everything for yourself. I am plan on using a 100 watt rms-125 watt rms amp for my components so I was thinking that 700-900 watts for a sub would be enough for now. No one mentioned an avalanche , is that because its not that good for sound quality? In either case I am leaning towards the eclipse for now. Thanks again!

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If you are looking at RE with that much power, look at the SX instead of the X.X.X., more efficient for the power given. I'd go between the SX, the ID Max, and the Ti. The ID Max and SX are the more efficient subs, the Tis are somewhat power hungry and underrated. All will get low and loud.

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I personly havnt heard ID Eclipse and AA. Thats why I didnt mention them.
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