Why are though so many stupid people in my town?!


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There is a guy I know that everyone says oh he knows what hes talking about and all this stuff and I sat and talked to him for a while the other day and he sais some of the dumbest things ove ever heard. He had told me before when I had a 12" L7 in a 3.25 cu. ft. box that his pyles would hit harder so i knew he couldnt know too much. We were talkin and he ask what kind of amp i had and i told him a Hifonics Brutus 1500D and he sais ya well i think those audiobahn amps are the best you can get pretty much, i wanted to hit him in his fn head. Then we were talkin about my friends 15" L7 and how it didnt sound right and he said well i think its because its firing up and its already nbottomed out just when its sitting there because its so heavy so it cant really sound good. What the hell my X.X.X sounds fine when its firing up. He kept talking about how he was gonna make this awesome box for his 2 12" Pyles and 1 15" Audiopipe and it was hopefully gonna be the best system in town and all this stuff and he just went on saying stupid sh*t what is the deal with stupid people that think they know everything?

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lol, I know a few people like that too! Just show him you're system...:-) then ask him "what were you saying?" haha

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...ignorance is bliss...

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Man.. I love this guy in my place, he LOVES his MA audios and LOVES his sony, every1 thinking he was the sht. Ohh yeahh nice preformance sony BS, i downded out his crap with my 2 infinity perf's like 20% of the way up. Dam Amatures thinking theyr so good. Just sit them down man

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ya, when I first got my stuff, I wanted the amp gain set right and stuff like that...and he turned it up a little and said, "That's as much as it can go without the windows breaking. Your car (2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee) isnt made for this much rattling".........So I did it myself

What a suckin tard lmao.

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yeh he a re+art for real.

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Dynomat it or Edead, 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee thats hawt.
expet I'd leave florida, more crime happens there.

We all had those friends/enemys who say ignorant things, such as, "There Audiobahns so you know there good" he was refering to 12" subs, the pulp cone ones... all black from CC...
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