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Need some advice on subs please...James Longo17
Speaker LocationsJoe Smoe2
Alpine TYPE XGHJ9203
What would you do?Chung Nguyen3
JL W6v2RDS115
Digital designs?Nemanja Veselinovic1
Rockford T115D4basslova9
Need wiring help with single subtaylor174
How do you break in a new sub?basslova4
Memphis, SQ or SPL?Jared Ranson1
Image dynamics story???jaskid1
MTX... Need some helpsean16
Digital design vs Cerwin Vegaevan56562
Kelly bluebook value?Isaac8
How do you break in a new sub?Anonymous4
Sub wiring questionDavid Brunner2
Amplifier for 10 inch subsDavid Brunner2
Sub choice help?David Brunner3
ID Max and AvalancheDavid Brunner3
Questions maybe u can answer??Pharoh6
Painful Choice Pharoh16
Precision Audio Subs?db-bass1
More power...?Jeff Loughrey6
Question on how to test a subJeff Loughrey2
How does 18" subs sound?DR MAX3
Anybody know anything about digital design subs?Kenny3
L7's or are there better?RDS116
RE: Subsonic Filterscraig's4
Reliable sites to buy subs???RDS113
12 vs 15Zach Arritt5
Fuzzing noise in speakers?Joe Smoe8
Subs dont play cdsJoe Smoe14
15 inch subs for around $300, atlas maybe?Kenny13
Opinion on Memphis and MAPharoh10
Calling MARSHALLDustin Stock2
What do i needLoc_out20
New subs, you guys wont believe this.Pharoh16
Does a fake sub work???Pharoh2
Already asked this RE x.x.xmarshall white2
Looking for ID Max 12MO8
Questions: REXXX 6.5"Bryan D1
A place to check out ....Harrison Labssean2
Miss anything?RDS111
Miss anything?RDS111
Miss anything?RDS111
Stuff to stop boot viabration noisesIsaac4
Worth it?RDS115
Getting pretty sh*tty......Jeff Loughrey2
|~Sub Question~|Jeff Loughrey2
I need a simple question answeredDavid Brunner4
Best 10" or 12" sub for my systemDavid Brunner2
Kicker L7 15' Or Jl Audio W6Travis Landers3
JL Vs. Kickerbassless9
Interesting questioncraig's12
Subwoofer box trouble!! someone please help!Anonymous1
Anybody on here have AIMmo6
Rate my systemDavid Brunner5
Jl is the best if u can afford itmarshall white41
Helpchad mcmullan1
12 inch sub or 15 inch sub?David Brunner5
Subwoofer box taking up all my space, need help...marshall white3
Sealed boxes for Atlas 12"David Brunner2
Speaker ?David Brunner3
How to wire 2 dual 4 ohm subsDavid Brunner2
What BoxDavid Brunner2
Need New ComponentsDavid Brunner2
$600 stereo?knox crider44
Carbon fiber enclosuresubless3
Hows this for entertainmentMr_Kebo13
Avalanche 15"Zach Arritt1
Avalanche 15"Zach Arritt1
Need Advice On Car System.. Complete RookieTyler Samuel8
HCCA Vs. RE SX or IDMAXJeff Loughrey9
Wow anybody herd about this sub????Jonathan8
CompetitionJames Longo12
15" Atlas Jeff Loughrey2
Help with my ampAlpineThumping4
MTX vs Rockfordtaylor1710
Just Sold All My Rockford Fosgatetaylor175
To "hit"Anonymous8
Dvc wiringBryce k7
What is better than eclipse?Dankman Nuggetz7
Subs not in the same motionJake Davis15
Im LOST...nick_sq6
What amp for my subs?donny keen10
I wonderJoe Smoe4
Anyone have a REALLY cheap 8" or 10" sub they will sell me?donny keen7
Another question!....?Jake Davis12
Sub for Focus 4drJeff Loughrey2
X.x.X. Experience Help!Jeff Loughrey3
How does this soundJeff Loughrey4
What is ripple glasswolfsean4
Ok i need a good serious opinionOutPhase11
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