Kelly bluebook value?


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Holy cow, thats sick and twisted.

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that b itch should be shot.

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no...she should be driven over by a Mercury Couger with one of her daughters at the wheel and the other in the passenger seat.

"Ok...put it in reverse now sis!...again!...again!...again!..."

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How could any self repecting man have sex with a 11 year old. And that wh*re should be sent to mexico and have some burritos shoved up her a$$.

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That is terrible. A person doesn't become like that overnight. Maybe she got screwed by some jerkoff. All those guys that slept with those little girls should be thrown in jail for life.
Talk about being a jerky leach.

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Orangevale, Ca. USA

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Money ...............

Hmmmmmmmmmmm ..............

What some people will do for money? !!!!!!!! ?

Life is not living for money. Money is to exchange goods for goods in the absence of equal value. In other words; money is an alternative not an imperative.

Everything we have is a loan from God. He allows everything to happen. Without Gods approval; nothing takes place.

Praise God for who He is !!!

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Don't forget to punish the low life $cumbags that leach off little kids and less fortunate.
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