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Myth?JL is the Best1
Need HELP with boxSam Leone1
Alpine at Best Buy, nooooooooJoe Smoe1
Bazooka TVB-141James Longo4
Need BoxTWiZTiD1
New MTX WoofersWahl8
Question about sub box?Eduardo6
Question MTX 9500 ?James Longo2
AW1205N upside down?Subfanatic7
What do I have going on? I'm lost David Shayani1
Pioneer vs. Kickersublime4207
Subs Question Need Helpeddie5
Volfenhag subsxxmdfmkxx5
How do you tune a boxsean19
Best Subwoofer companyThatGuyYouKnow10
Divide subs or not?Subfanatic5
Ohm Wiring Need a little more helpSubfanatic6
How should I Face my subs?Subfanatic13
2 Infinity Kappa perfects vs Ascendant Audio 12" atlasMike Loudon1
Eclipse titanium 12"Hunter Warren20
A QuestionSubfanatic6
Help pleaseHunter Warren5
New to the game...need helpEtronics46
Shiva vs TempestHunter Warren2
Thunder9500 vs. W7Subfanatic17
Memphis mono amptaylor179
How low can a 8w7 go? Brian P Jackson1
Help with 6 ohm dvc subsJames Longo4
Niche Audio products: Is it good?lucas beckner2
Songs that Bump with subs!!!Screwston57
Subwoofer pops???? why is this happening????FC10
I need advice...sublime4204
W7 bottoming out?pdizzle24
What is the 'BEST' sub out thereChief9
JL 12W7 Ported H.O. Box For SaleChief3
Its coming soon guys!Joe Smoe3
Truck Box for 02 Silverado Extended CabChris Stickney1
Whats your Guess?Duramaxrocks5
?Two ID max out perfrorm two 9500's 10"???Anonymous1
Joe Smoesean1
Wiring eD 13Kv.2xxmdfmkxx3
Anyone know the record for spl?James Longo2
What's this mean when your sub...?James Longo7
What to doJames Longo8
Rate My System!!James Longo5
RE or Type R?erik2
3 really quick questionsPologreen15
Too Small an AmpRob Bossingham4
Kenwood question/ funny videoJeff Loughrey4
Authorized hifonics dealer near New Mexico?Hunter Warren8
Cheapest 800W RMS sub??Joe Smoe13
Who's selling an amp or/and components???Joe Smoe10
Dual voice coilsAaron3
1 sub vs. 2 subsAaron5
Which subs are better? Kicker or Alpinedustin griffin21
Problem with cd skipping when bass hits loud..Mike521113
2 RE SE 10's or 1 X.X.X. 10" w/ 1200wrms??? HELP!!!Dave2
Any personal experience w/ re subsHunter Warren2
Highest End DLS components or Focal Polyglass SlimsCarlDJr10
Anyone have experience with...........Rob Fox2
ISO LOAD ??? (jonathan or glass or anyone )Jonathan2
James, what do u think?James Longo2
36 inch sub?Joe Smoe11
Help with SystemAlan Girard11
Is this a good Sub?dustin griffin3
Sub Choice Help!James Longo12
JL Audio 12W6v2 what amp?James Longo28
2 eclipse vs 1 type XJames Longo7
Suggestions, suitable amp for eclipse 15" ti PROVishal Patel10
Hey Jonathan?James Longo5
Audiobahn Stories, Good or Bad! Why or Why not?dustin griffin13
Hey guys critique my things please :-)...toddddaroony5
Volfenhag subs?xxmdfmkxx3
Pioneer Premier Subs? should i trust it?xxmdfmkxx5
Anyone heard of the new diamond d9??? help me plz.disturb3d_pri3st1
What the best 12subJonathan8
Xtant Subs!!!!!???????xxmdfmkxx2
Finally got it BOOMING!!taylor176
10" and 12" ...need an answertaylor173
Diamond audio M6mkii10d4, S10l7, or Eclipse alum's?taylor1710
Which sub?sublime4206
Has anybody heard of thesekenny eugene hammond10
Band pass vs ported?Tarek barhoum10
If you had $850 ??Web4
Capacitor and ohm Questions *ConfusedWeb11
2 new R's vs 1 XAnonymous1
WTF?...someone please explain.....James Longo4
Infinity Subs???Anonymous2
SPL - Who has it?Rob Fox33
Is one MTX thunder 801D to much for a Shiva?Duramaxrocks5
Sound damping/deadening spraypaint?Mark S2
Couple questionsJoe Smoe2
DVC vs SVCzacdavis~14
Sub help!!!Saul Good1
Setup questionAnonymous6
Question for the pros!Dankman Nuggetz4
ID, DD, ED or Eclipse, Please guys throw in your 2 cents.MazdaMan21
Question for jonathanMO8
Alpine Type-X SWX-1242DAlan Girard1
BOX for TREO SSX 15"??Brian P Jackson1
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