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Without an issue of price, list the top 5-10 subwoofer companies and their best model. 12' Subs is what I'm concerned with.

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It's a lot of preferance I might mind you, it depends on how you consider a company "good". I would look into

Resonant Engineering
Adire Audio
Image Dynamics
Digital Designs
Elemental Designs
Ascendant Audio (supposedly, not much known yet)

There's more too but I can't think.

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adire-talmult, brahma, PARHTENON(175mm of xmax)it just a motor though, and its 6k
dd-9500 series
re, MT, X.xx, the prototype( 5 inches of excursion)(im going to pull out a loan and get one when they come out, go to and go to re prototype
id-id max v4
eclipse, ti ti pros
memphis mojo
too many

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i never thought memphis was that great does anyone have a mojo woofer? and what are those last 3 i have never even heard of those are they just factory direct brands?

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well in spl wise i would the mojo a great woofer. ive seen 1 15 do 162 at the dash, not sure what mic, but it is crazy, so i would think that is a pretty good woofer, spl wise anyway. the last 3 are just very underground brands make great products though

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what about MTX? is it considered a 'good' company? where does it stand? they make pretty good subs as far as i know but i dont know anything about other companies. how does MTX compare with the rest?

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honestly, there best sub wouldnt be too high up. but there amp are awesome for the price. i think i take adire as my top company though, but the rest are not far behind

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I have two old sundamaged MTX Thunder 4000 10s that have been siliconed, reglued and repainted. Even though they are beaten to all hell they still give a good punch. The SQ isn't too great but then again the subs are not in perfect condition. They suprise me everytime I listen to them and everyone else who has heard my system. You can pick up the Thunder 4000 for around $30 so they are great subs for the money. Its a little hard to find because they are discontinued now. They now make "roadthunder". But I like them and I'm adding two more. Just remember its not just the speaker, the box has a lot to do with it. I've got 1.86 cu.ft sealed per speaker so that would explain why it hits really good on the low end. I'm afraid to port it and really hear the distortion from the old subs :X.

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Depends on what you want. Sound Q or SPL?

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Hunter on the adire web site for that thing says its 10,000$ non refundable =/
Id like to see one in person though, maybe with XBL^2 tech? :D
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