What is the 'BEST' sub out there


the price is no matter i want the best sub in the world can any one help

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You will git nothing but appinions on this one.
Eclipse T pro, Jl w7's some of the DD's and Re will be up there.

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talk to adire audio. and see if the ycan make a cone for the parthenon. it will cost about 7000 yo 8000 bucks, but you will have a sub with 175mm of xmax.

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go on MTX website they have a 22" subwoofer. thing is amazing, it weighs 320lbs. talk about the power, it has 5000 RMS and 10,000W peak power.

heres hte link:


but i dont think you can actually purchase or you would wanna put that thing in your car.

other than that, i would recommend getting mtx thunder 9500 subs. mtx beats everyone.


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the right answer is... there is no best sub, period.

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"other than that, i would recommend getting mtx thunder 9500 subs. mtx beats everyone"
You haven't heard that many subs if you think that. SPL wise they'd be hard-pressed to come anything close to Digital Designs 9500 or 9700 series, Eclipse Ti-Pros, Resonant Engineering X.X.X.s, JL Audio W7s, and numerous others.

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they made a 9700 series, i've got a 9917 and i'd recommend it.

i've got two custom tc woofers and both of them would destroy an mtx t9500 in sq and spl.

i've heard the w7's and they are nice woofers. i haven't heard the triple x but it does seem to be a decent contender.

the eclipse ti pro i would not recommend, even though it is a TC 4HP motor. just doesn't hang with the 9917 on any level from what i've heard from people who have owned them.

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Typo, I meant 9900 series, there wasn't a 9700. The Ti Pros aren't the loudest, but it's all in the setup. It would definately destroy an MTX 9500 in SPL. Not my choice for sound quality, though, overmotored and not for your typical box. Digital Designs is hard to beat in the SPL arena, and in a good box they can sound pretty good, too. W7s and Eclipse Tis (regular Tis, not Pros), as well as the Triple X are more for your SQL everyday sealed and ported enclosures (more like the MTX 9500). They will hit some high numbers if set up to do so, but all in all they're long linear throw subs designed to get loud and sound good over a wide bandwidth. SPL comps are more about getting the most out of a narrower frequency range, and piling power on at that frequency, linear x-max isn't as important as motor strength, material strength, power handling and matching the sub to the enclosure (or the enclosure to the sub).

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^^^ after the post above there definitely isn't anything I can add, and I couldn't have said it better.
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