What do I have going on? I'm lost


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How would I find out how many watt's am I putting thrue to my subs?
What would you say that I have going on when I have this... (Besides and mis match?)

one amp, Lanzar Vibe 268 2ohm stereo and 4 ohm Bridged.
two subs, Audiobahn Alum12 q's. Dual 6ohm voice coil.
I know I know I know, this is all not compatable together, but I already bit myself in the butt and am paying for it all, I am trying to find out some ghetto way to hook them together and get a bit a power running.
I DO have it all hooked up, but it's like this...
one pos and one neg going to the subs, not bridged at all, I just straight up connected the pos from the amp to the pos on the sub, and same goes with the neg wire, it hits hard as it is, but I know that I can get more out of them.
Would I be loosing power if I tried to bridge the subs like this. Having 2 dual 6 ohm subs and running the I think this is right? Series/Parallel Dual Making the sub work at 6 ohm.
Well other then getting all new amps and finding amps that are compatable, does anyone have any suggestions at all as to how I can bridge what I have?
with all the knowledge on here I am sure that there's someone who can work around this please.
thank you, David
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