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Check this Question...anyone know?James Longo31
2005 Type R 500 RMS / Help PleaseMark S12
Question about an online site...scab128863
ReAudio US dealerRob2
Stolen headunittaylor1710
Please Give Me Your OpinionsHunter Warren8
Need Help Wiring Subs And AMpHunter Warren3
Ok just a quick questionHunter Warren3
3 Jl 10W6's & 1200 Watt Xplod amp for saleHunter Warren11
Can someone help me?basslova1
How to wire it allbrooks robinson1
Help pleaseTarek barhoum1
What size amp??Pete4
Sub power questionBigjay13
Need Some Infotaylor172
What is the RMS on my sub?taylor173
Box for a TruckDuramaxrocks4
Acrylic subwoofer enclosure???Chris Klein4
Sounds like my sub is breathingJoe Smoe4
Eclipse Aluminum, VAS questionJoe Smoe8
1995 Chevy X- Cab 2500 dual 10" boxJeff Fike1
HmmmDan K8
Why arent you workintaylor176
Another annoying problemtaylor1710
Need a lil helpJames Longo14
Breaking in a subzacdavis~2
How about the JL 15W3v2 subwoofers?James Longo7
Truck boxdustin griffin1
RE Prototype SubJoe Smoe3
This Is CRAZY!!!!Joe Smoe7
Woofers in the box?mladen jur2
2 12" orions in ram quad cabchad3
DD3510 or RE X.X.X. 10"??? What has higher SPL? ASAP!!!zacdavis~2
Adire ShivaErik Ramirez3
Looking for a great 12Suicide-Shifter5
Excuse the generalization but...david hizzle1
X.x.x. pron.....Dave14
Chico, Sacramento March Battle of the BassPatrick Wilson1
I need help on some decision making!!!Joe Smoe2
How to wire 3 jl audio 15s with 4 ohm single voice coilsCarlDJr2
Which is a better sub? Bottom line! Need help today!Chris Klein15
Cu. ft recommendation for 2 eclipse?Jonathan5
JL W7 or Alpine Type Xs taylor174
2 Alpine Type S subs or 1 Rockford Fosgate T1??taylor173
Does the w7 have xbl2 motor?Jonathan5
Alpine - speaker and headunit filter helpJoe Smoe10
Anyone know when the ascendant avanche 12" is scheduled to come out...Denver Salisbury Mcd1
Nakamichi CD-400 fit in a 2003 monte carlo???Chris Klein1
Zapco Symbilink???Jonathan3
12W7 or 10W7 w/Rockford Fosgate 800.2James Longo7
Bass Adjustment Joe Smoe2
How does this sound guys???Chris Klein52
Which would you rather have in your trunk?James Longo3
What is RMS on 18 inch RE MTJames Longo2
Need help asap!eddie1
Sub box???Joe Smoe42
Louder SPLMO1
Best SongMO38
Eclipse Aluminum SW7124DVC, need a box and ampJoe Smoe8
How many watts does 12" RE X.X.X need to reach full RMS?Jonathan3
Alternator QuestionJoe Smoe7
How many watts does 12" RE X.X.X need to reach full xmax?Denver Salisbury Mcd1
Louder SPL for JL SUBS and SQ!!!!!MO1
Sub not Workingben hogan1
Sub now Workingben hogan1
Enclosure wiring question...Greg Williams2
Triangle subs????????????lucas beckner3
Focal 33 V2Paolo Saycon3
Wiring an 02 silveradoRealREBEL211
Are these subs any goodAnonymous3
Any opinions appreciated....James Longo3
Sub volume??Anonymous3
Pro Box 5.0Wahl1
What to do with this...Sell Fone3
Adire and ascendant connectionjamivest3
Got two 10" mtx 9500's ported with a hifon 1800d about 700 to each ...Joe Smoe2
Kicker Solobaric L7 or Rockford Fosgate T1??James Longo9
Whats the minimum amount of watts a brahma needs to reach full x-max??Joe Smoe4
Should i get these subs.Joe Smoe24
What is louderJoe Smoe2
Honda Truck?Jonathan37
Ported Box QuestionJoe Smoe3
Digital Designs / Elemental DesignsJoe Smoe2
I was gonna ask the same question!James Longo3
Whats the diff. b/w RMS and actual watts?James Longo2
Subs--Audio, ID, EclipseLEgacyAUDio2
Need a SQ setupJonathan6
Free air subsJonathan2
Kicker, ascendent, and adire.....which one?Joe Smoe10
Which sub should I go with?? PleaseJonathan4
Power confusion.Wahl3
RF Punch HX2 or Alpine Type Rtaylor177
Hifonics bx1500d subJames Longo14
Whats better with 900-1200 rms to it brahma or RE 3X????James Longo2
Audiocontrol Epic-160 worth it????Chris Klein2
Loudest SPLDS27
Need opinionBigjay4
Which subwoofer is the best??Hunter Warren4
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