Sub volume??


just wondering how to tell when to back off a bit on the volume of my sub.

my amp puts out around 300rms and my sub can handle 350rms so my question is how do I know if my amp is clipping when I turn the volume up. I got components in the 2 front channels of the amp too. would my components be clipping if my sub is too loud? or are the two front channels and 2 back channels totally seperate?

another question is whats a good spot to have the bass remote at when I got the volume cranked up?

thanks in advance for your imput

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If the amp is clipping badly you will hear bad distortion. Even it's not clipping horribly, some people can still hear distortion. You should also check the temp. of the amp after running it for a while. If it gets a lot hotter than you think it should, then it could be clipping. I think the only other way to tell is to have the setup metered.

yeah thanks, its freezing cold in canada these days so i'm not worrying about overheating it. but i'll definitaly keep an eye on it.
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