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Proffesional Opinion Regarding This Enclosure ConceptJonathan8
SQ subsJonathan6
SQ and SPL Jonathan12
SPL box for an RE X.X.X. 10???Jordan2
Why do Store owners think they know everything??Jonathan10
Best subs for the moneyAnonymous8
Can these subs handle the power?Amir Mann4
Alpine type R 15"Mark S3
How accurate are these sub/amp combo prices?Casey Jennings4
Best Subs for Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab?Jeffrey D2
Amp+Sub for around $100 w/o shippingJeremyC5
Show CarGlassWolf2
Glass have you heard of x file audioGlassWolf2
Help with silicone sealer?GlassWolf3
What is the Best Sound Quality Sub..JeremyC3
I just bought the coolest new Audiobans! Need amp adviseJeremyC6
Re mt'staylor176
Definitions spl, xmas, ect ectbasslova6
Snail Shell Boxes????basslova2
Music out of subAnonymous6
Help with my sub box!!! How to seal?paddy8
I finally found a box, but I think it might think?Willie t11
Rockford 10" Punch HX2 box for big bass???its_bacon126
Adire Brahma 12", ID Max v3 12", 3W7 12", RE X.X.X" 12" RF Power HX...its_bacon1215
Three JL 10w3v2 vs. One 12" Brahmaits_bacon1217
I blew my R'sits_bacon1212
More ohms doesn't mean more bass right?Anonymous4
Sealed Box. HELP!Anonymous5
2+2ohms or 4+4ohmsAnonymous2
Best suberic2
Time for a new systemDnizzle5
Eclipse titanium pro 15" as Daily DriverJonathan4
Glass are you familiar witherik4
How do u know if your box is tuned to the right hz when making a bo...Help23
Budget for a systemHelp28
Re vs Alpineits_bacon127
Dumba** move!Wahl9
JL 10W6AE amp reccomendationsPrajesh Prajapti1
New systembasslova14
Sub ampAnonymous2
2 10"'s vs 1 12"Casey Jennings3
Are The Shiva's Good?Help22
How to wire one Brahma 12" to a Rockford 1001bd for best output??Help22
T/S for DD 9100, 9500, and 9900 subs???Help22
Finally got my brahmaAzzhole2
SubsHunter Warren3
NEED HELP Please!!Bryan B2
4000 WattBadAzzBowtie5
DAMIEN ROBERTSjohnny lemoine32
Mounting ?Mr_Kebo2
Best 15" to get?JuNGLiST2
Which ones??Jeff Brown6
Which are the best cds to test music ?? Traxdata, Memorex, Sony ??? Andrew Paul B4
Best subwoofersEric Hughes3
Brahma Mark IIHunter Warren2
What amp should i get to power 2 12" Brahma in a sealed box?Macdizzlez1
Has anyone used a Boston C210 Enclosure?Eric Hughes1
Subs at Home?JuNGLiST7
Box Design Help!Jmmcool2
Subs for rock?Jeffrey D4
One 15 or 2 12'shiphopanonymous2
Camry Sub SuggestionsDamien Roberts2
PPI SubsDavid Kiehna2
Best "12 Sub???Jake Davis9
Box sizepress13
Wiring problem please helpDAVE331
Audiobahn AWES12P Eternal with HIFONICS BX1500D???Willie t3
What are the most efficient subs around???Aaron7
Switched amps created noise problemJoe Robidoux3
Anyone have any info on the new RE sub or the TC sounds LMT???Anonymous3
Am I just friggin retarded?? Do I need 2 amps for 2 subs?Casey Jennings9
I have a couple amps, looking for sub suggestion.Quintin2
Kicker Solo-XJoseph2
Building Low Budjet SystemIsaac5
I there any way??Jeffrey D7
TrucksJeffrey D24
JL Audio W7 10" or 12"taylor172
I need a sub with specific specs!taylor178
Ampmark henry1
Amplifier?Brett Fosdick1
What to look for when looking sq subs ands speakersJeffrey D2
Local audio shopAnonymous26
4 12's alpinetaylor173
Off the wall question!taylor175
15'' hx2 excursiontaylor175
$400 allowance looking for best sub/amptaylor172
Are type r and vmax comparable subs when talking about subs that do...coola4
Punch stage 2 any good?taylor176
Best Sub's for around 400-500 dollars?taylor172
What would u guys compare a type x sub too and which subs u know it...taylor1720
Sub Box questionNeeding_Help0788
RE MT 10's in a daily driver???GlassWolf3
Sub-Sonic FilterJake Davis3
Power acoustikOleg Ni6
Q-Logic boxes suck!Oleg Ni1
Is _this_ good_ or_ Bad. ?Isaac9
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