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in january...when i get my taxes back...cuz im doing rapid refund im gonna have around a grand to spend on a system. so my question to everyone out there is this. i already have a HU..pioneer DEH-P3600..rockford 5.25 full range speakers in the front...pioneer 6.5 full range speakers in the back...now what i want is some advice on some good subs..preferrably 2 12's, an amp to power them...a HO alternator if need be. i drive a 95 civic lx by the way. so i have about a grand to spend on the subs and amp and box...any ideas?


Those are some good places to visit for some subs...bottom to top:good, better, best. My opinion.

As for the amps, this is what a famous poster to this site has just said in the amps discussion.

Arc Audio
Harrison Labs
Zapco Competition series
Tru Technology

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im looking at the elemental designs subwoofer..the 13k.v2..is that a 12 inch sub? if so im thinking about getting 2 of them...and then the eD nine.1 amp...is that a good combo?..and also...will i need a HO alternator for that amp? and i will probably need a 4 gauge wiring kit right?

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it depend on the car but i believe the sub is like 350w rms if im correct so if you get 2 thats 700w rms, most stock alternators can handle. I have an 2001 impala ss and before i had 2 12" subs, embarrased o say the name of them but i was pushing 1200w rms to them and the my lights never dimmed. But when i took the capscitor out and sold it,because i thought i didnt need one the lights started to dim a little bit, but at the same time i added another 800w visonik amp for my mids and highs so that couldve been what started my lights to dim, but overall my alternator took 1200w rms withg no problem, but how many amps is your alternator becasue if its not strong enough and it diez out, u could cause alot of damage like i did, and had to pay $500 to get it fixed. Even though i dont think that this will happen everytime your alternator diez

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13Kv2(yes its a 12) is 500wRMS
NINe 1 is 1200wRMS x1 @ 1ohm...under-rated.
youll wanna run it at 2 ohms.
whether or not youll need a HO alt depends
on your stock alt...
Do a big 3 first, then if youre dimming, get a bigger alt, and a better battery.

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i have a 95 honda civic..are the stock alternators on those good or crap?

and another thing, are the 16Kv2 12's also?

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Id get a bigger alt...its not crap necessariy..
just not very powerful.
and the 16Kv2 is a 15"
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