What are the most efficient subs around???


i know that if you play subs at the vented enclosures tunning frequency, they move a minimal amount and they are very loud.

wouldnt this mean that you wouldnt have to have a sub that has a high xmax to get high SPL???

what are some really efficient subs?
i wanna find some really efficient subs and do a vented box w/ minimal power.

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i think when u're looking for efficient subs look at the sensitivity, for a good sub it should be around 86db and up. i think thats part if im correct.

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i think the infinity perfects have good sensitivity specs.

also, subs with an underhung coil design (PPI pro, crystal COMP) should be very efficient as well.

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oh, cerwin vegas are efficient, too.

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Audiobahns jump up to 97db and sound great in vented boxes.

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sensitivity is a common misconception of how efficient a sub will be.
look for a woofer that has a loose suspension, and lower rms recomendation, and go ported.
aaron, gotta agree with ya, cerwin are quite efficient.

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yeah, sensitivity specs are more accurate for comparing mids and highs, but i still use them to compare subs atleast as a starting point.

in addition to a loose suspension, low-mass cones & coils, high energy magnets, and larger diameter contribute to a sub being more efficient.

lower rms recomendations only mean the speaker is more efficient if its coil & cone weighs less compared to its motor strength. some higher power subs use better designs and more powerful motors to more easily push their heavier coils & cones.

as mentioned in previous post, underhung coil designs tend to be very efficient because of the low mass of the coil. they can take lots of power, but only need a few watts to get loud. IMO, this is a very desireable addition to PPI and crystal, audiomobile MASS subs used this design. it's too bad they aren't making subs any more - i've always wanted to have a set.
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