Definitions spl, xmas, ect ect


can i get some easy definitions on some of these common terms you all use, cause i would really like to actually understand what some people are talking about instead of acting like i do! Like spl and the other thing and anything else i should know would be appreciated. thank you

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SPL is the sound pressure level of a subwoofer its measured in Decibels and xmax is the measure in millimeters usually of a subs excursion capabilities,the longer the excursion the higher the SPL

SPL:Sound Pressure Level...How Loud Can You Go

xmas:How far the woofer can move in and out...excursion

SQ:Sound Quality


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cF = cubic feet
Hz = hertz (frequency)
Sd = surface area
xmax = maximum linear excursion
xmag = maximum excursion
dB = decibels

you should be able to pick these things up quickly, just browse the forum reading stuff...thats what i did when i started :-)

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Xmag=excursion limit based on magnetic limitations
of a specific drivers motor.
Xsus=excursion limit based on suspension limitations
of a specific driver.
Xmax=smaller number of xmag and xsus.

just google "t/s parameters"
youll learn a lot.

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or go to that website will help you alot
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