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Carl T
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Hey guys, I have very limited knowledge when it comes to car stereos...

I'm trying to build a LOW budjet stereo for my F-150 Reg cab... I have a cheaper Pioneer head unit, A Pyramid 150x4 amp, Two Rockford Fosgate Punch 6-1/2" in the doors, and Two 8" Rockford Fosgate Stage One subwoofers In some sealed boxes for behind the seat.

I havn't installed the subs yet, but do I have to buy any kind of crossovers? Can I just turn the bass way down on the head unit, and fade the stereo more to the rear when I want more bass?

Just curious, and thanks for any input...

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You shouldn't have to fade to the back to get more base. Most after market head units have just a sub seting that controles just your subs and not the other speakers.

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Hey Carl, will you be installing it yourself? If so, you need amp power wiring kit. You can get those cheap at walmart.
If you want bass, you will for sure need a new amp. Pyramid 150x4 is probably a peak power listing. It won't have enough power to drive any speaker.
Try looking at eBay for 4 channel amps if you want to power your RF punch and the 2 subs at the back.
Look for 75W rms x 4 at least. Try RF/Kicker/JL/JBL/Audiobahn 4125HCT/MTX brands.
Amps with remote bass control will help you adjust bass from your dashboard. Very useful.

Carl T
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I'm installing it myself, It's my second truck and second installation, so the head unit and Punch 6-1/2" came out of my other truck. I had a old Crutchfield (not sure who made it) 60x2 amp. I had this Pyramid laying around the garage and decided to put it in. I already have everything installed except the subs.

The Pyramid amp is rated 75wx4 rms It's also bridgable...

Do I need something like Band pass filters? I dont know exactly what those are but my dad said they filter out the highs from the subs...

Thanks again...

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Hey Carl, since you already installed the Pyramid amp, try using it. If you feel you're not getting much bass, invest a little on a new amp. It will make 2x at least more bass than your amp.
With that amp, a filter won't help much. Just use your HU's tone control and boost the bass.
Since it's a 4 channel amp, use 2 for your front, and bridge the other 2 channel to create 1 channel. Then connect your subs to it. Hopefully it will be able to handle it.
That is the best setting with your amp.
You have nothing to lose by trying.
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