How accurate are these sub/amp combo prices?


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Ok, I sat down, did some research, and I found what I think may be some good sub/amp combos. I got prices (from both retail stores and internet) and have compiled a list. Someone, PLEASE confirm this and add to it. Basically, I want to know how accurate this list is. I made sure all internet sales came with some sort of 1 year warranty at the least. So, with cost in mind, which one is really the best for techno type music?

Adire Brahma Mark II - $350/10" - .87 ft^3 box - 700W RMS - 2 DVC
RockfordFosgate T20001BD - $700 + Warr. Ebay

RE X.X.X - ~$425/10" - .7 ft^3 - 1000W RMS - 2 DVC
JBL BPX2200.1 $1000

ID Max - $400/10" - 1.3 ft^3 - 800W RMS - 2 DVC
Orion 2500D - New Ebay $700; $1200 at store

JL Audio 10w7 - $550/10" - 1.25 ft^3 - 500W RMS -3 Ohms
JL Audio 1000/1 - $700 ebay, $1000 Car Toys

Orion H2 - $450/10" - .8 or 1 ft^3 - 1200W RMS - 2/4 DVC
Orion 2500D - New Ebay $700; $1200 at store

Adire system: ~$1400
RE System: ~$1850
ID Max System: ~$1500-$2000
JL Audio system: ~$1850-$2100
Orion System: ~$1600-$2100

A "system" consists of 2 10" subs and an amp

All Subwoofer RMS values are the values that I would run to the speaker, I know they can take more, but these RMS's I listed here should be enough to get the sub at full excursion without significant over heatage/stress on suspension.

If anyone knows of a better amp to match the speaker, PLEASE post here. Just post brand, model, price, where I can buy it from for that price.

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All of those combos would sound amazing. However, I definitely would not recommend buying from ebay or anywhere online for that matter. Especially since you are going to be spending that much money. BTW, almost all stores will lower their asking price quite a bit. When I was searching for my subs (2 diamond M6 mkII 10d4's), everyone was asking $340. However, when I called them up and asked for their lowest price it was almost always around 220. I eventually found a guy that got it for me through diamond for 175, which was only $20 more than any of the ebay auctions.

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Ok, sounds good. I will try to talk em down then

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Just spent another hour at a car stereo store, got a qoute for an entire JL Audio system. The system consists of 2 10W7's, 1 1000/1 amp, 1 300/4 amp, 1 set of 5 1/4 Comps and 1 set of 6 1/2 2 ways, Eclipse CD8454 HU. Including wiring, it came to $4K. Heres the speaker/amp breakdown:

1000/1 - $999
2 JL 10w7's - $950

for this combo, $2K exactly.
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