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I have 3 12" kicker comp vr dvc 4 ohm subwoofers that are 400w rms. They are all hooked up together inside of the box to one port. I had them runnin in series/parallel mode which produced an impedance of 2.67 ohms which is shown on all the diagram websites. I wasnt drawing even half the power out of my amp and wanted them to bang louder so i ran them in parallel/parallel mode which made an impedance of around .67 ohms. I have a Audiobahn a2150 1200 watt 1 ohm stable amplifier and when runnin the subs at .67 ohms, they were hittin louder than my old l7's (loud as hell) and drawing all the power out of the amp but running the amp at a lower ohmage then recommended started to make my subs clip. Running the subs at a lower ohmage than my amp can handle is bad and i dont want the clipping to blow my subs so i put them back the way they used to. I was wondering if there is any other way to wire them so that they will draw a 1-2 ohm load from the amp and be alot louder than the 2.67 ohm load. I was thinking of running the drivers of 2 of the subs in parallel and the voice coils of the other one in series to put my ohmage somewhere in the middle of 1ohm and 2.67 but i dont know if that is bad for the subs/amp or if its even possible without blowing something. Please help me find a solution and answer my questions. Thank You
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