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Amp help!CarAudioNewb1
Is this digital oudio amp good?miy2
Is the DA4150C amp good?miy1
Derek and any other Expert tell me what you think????Hydro5
A question on frequency responseasd1
Directed 1100D MONO GOOD amp how does it compare?GlassWolf2
Can a 1200.1 kicker amp power 2 L7 12's?GlassWolf2
A question on frequency responseGlassWolf2
Is this a good system of should i get more subsGlassWolf4
About amp wattsGlassWolf5
I need help!!!!!!!!GlassWolf17
Ultra Linear AmplifiersGlassWolf2
What amp for my 130 watt speakers?GlassWolf17
Need amp adviceDFD17
AMP shuts down after 4th RCA cable gets plugged in!GlassWolf2
HOW DO i CONNECT 2 AMPS with subs and speakers!!!!!GlassWolf2
Audiobahn looking for ampGlassWolf2
What amp should I use??Rudy S.17
What size Alternator should I use? For my 91 Z28GlassWolf2
HELP!! I need to know dow to wire a dvc subGlassWolf2
Amps with capacitorsGlassWolf2
I have two 12 inch APN SWR1241DGlassWolf9
Possible System? SuggestionsGlassWolf5
Kole Amps, Suck, ot not?GlassWolf6
Question about ground wire.....GlassWolf3
JBL 600.1Chippa8
I'm haveing trouble with my whole system cutting off and coming bac...GlassWolf2
Alpine V12GlassWolf2
Please helpGlassWolf40
Help wih JL amp 500/1? Anonymous10
Infinity Perfect 12.1 + Alpine M500 ???GlassWolf4
Kicker L7 what kind of power...GlassWolf31
Kicker L7GlassWolf11
Need help mmats 500.1zacary ford7
Advice on a certain type of amp...GlassWolf17
Multi subschas d3
Amp wiring??? Gauge size?????GlassWolf4
JL 300/4GlassWolf2
What amp for a kicker L7 15justinmcconnell20
Amplifier hook ups!!!!GlassWolf24
Need an amp that will put out clean 1000W any Advice?Tiggy5
Way to convert Car amp into and amp for you home sub?Michael Bates14
Eclipse AmpsGlassWolf10
Derek Glasswolf and other experts need your help!!GlassWolf6
Are volfenhag amps and subs good?GlassWolf115
Amplifier keeps cutting off....any ideas why??Michael Bates50
What does "THD" meanGlassWolf4
JBL 1200.1 and subsonic filter for ported enclosures?GlassWolf7
I need help badlyAdam16
HiFonics BX1000D vs. JBL BP-1200.1 ampsryan m5
Amp clips after play hardbrad13
Is converting 4 ohm to 2 ohm okay?alex4
FOR SALE MTX 81000D monster amp rated over 1100watts.Tiggy9
Teach me how to hook up a Jensen 600 watt amp to 2 10" subs Jl audi...vanto chacke6
Free-air setup.GlassWolf2
JL overpriced and overrated amateurs wet dreamGlassWolf23
Alpine Mono Amp Comparison...GlassWolf2
Not used to High Wattage Systems.GlassWolf4
How do I hook amp and subs up to a factory head unit.GlassWolf10
Best way to wire 4ohm dvc please helpGlassWolf5
Audiobahn?kevin linford1
No power to amp the biger the wire i goGlassWolf2
JBL 1200.1 vs Rockford Fosgate1500BD whats better.Anonymous3
Memory wire?????GlassWolf4
Southern calichas d1
I need amp help with my sub wooferGlassWolf2
2 channel amp to 2 subs that are dual voice coil?GlassWolf12
Courtesy PleaseMichael Bates3
Kicker KX300.4 Pushing SpeakersGlassWolf2
PD-4000 1600Watts R.M.S 1OHM BridgedAndrew12
Please im in need for help !!!!Anonymous13
Amp for 2 12" Kicker Solobaric L5'sstephanie118
Is this a good wiring kit for me?GlassWolf18
Your opinion on capacitors.GlassWolf6
Which amps are good?Keith P Revella128
Help with some stuffMichael Bates6
Sound stream ampsKeith P Revella1
I NEED HELP QUICK!!!!!!!!!!Anonymous12
Diamond audio amp advice?Anonymous4
Amp to stock deck HELP OUT!!!! Glass Derek anyone.GlassWolf6
Help WantedGlassWolf2
Is 15V ok for my amp?def man3
Need amp for a pair of JL12W7?Keith P Revella10
BOSS AUDIO???????GOOD OR BAD?GlassWolf14
My car stalls when the bass hitsGlassWolf6
Amp for kicker L7...GlassWolf2
How big of an alternator do i need??? Att. Glasswolf GlassWolf3
Pyramid Ampi hate Ukw105
Used AMPS for SaleHydro6
Who are u??Hydro6
Off subject. Nothing to do with audio.no2
Need Help on Amp ChoicePtown3
What is a capacitor for?GlassWolf14
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