Amp for 2 12" Kicker Solobaric L5's



I know very little about amps and all the numbers that are involved, but I just recently bought 2 12" Kicker L5's and I'm not sure what amp(s) to get. How many watts do I need? Money's not really a problem, but I would like to keep it in the semi-inexpensive range. Any ideas?

Since I don't know what's important to know about the subs, the addy is

Thank you

sweet subs dude! You dont' want to under-power them so get something that is at least 100w of real power (it can claim to be 800w and only put out 50w so be careful.) What brand is your preference? If Rockford, find an old Punch 150 that works or, if you have huge hairy balls, find a Linear Power 5002 *heh*

Feed them 1000-1200 watts and be prepared to get shaken!! Thats what i did!

i had a pair of kiker solovaric l5 12" can you recommend me an amplifier for those and i had another cuestion can the amplifier hold an epicenter..

i have 4 l5 (12) i have a kicker kx600.1 hooked to each one and sounds awesom i can get these amps for 285 brand new thats prob the cheapist anybody can find then cuz they retail at over 500
so check it out email me and ill give you the site
email me at

i got 2 solobarics l7 12" inch in my ride can the 600.2 phoenix gold handle the 2 subs or should i get a more wattage amp?

I have two solo baric l7's. I am using a JBL BP-1200 . I Have the dual voice coils wired at 1 ohm. The amp you can get for around 250 bucks.
I,ll tell you what this amp is a good match for the solo baric's. The performance for this particular set up is astonishing.

josh your email doesn't work....where can you get that price on that Kicker 600 amp?


They are rated at 750 watt RMS (375 per coil) for the L5 and 1000 watt RMS (500 per coil) on the L7. Since wattage is a measurement of amperage X Voltage you'll need an amp that puts at least 62.5 amps to good use. Of course no amp is 100% efficient so you'll need to figure another 10-20% realistically. The L5 would need an amp that draws approximately 70-75 amps of juice to be maxed out according to kicker's rating. Sounds accurate to me and what I've seen hooked to these speakers.

The L7 would need 95-100 amps of juice to max them out which is a hell of a lot of current. Two Rockford 1500BDs each very honestly rated at 100AMPS ought to stress the coils on even an pair of L7 15 solobarics. Or a Kicker 1200.1 with fuse rated at 150 AMPS to each solobaric but that's only 2 ohms and you will only get "most" of the amps potential out. Kicker 1200.1 do allow amp strapping that may allow you to run low enough ohmage to extract their power but I don't know for sure. Hope this helps a few of you out there.

man.. get the jl audio 500/1 or better yet the 1000/1 class D... great amps.. great dis rating for a class D.. great efficiency... no number mumbo jumbo

I just got 2 15"adiobahn excursion subs, and i don't know what kind of amp to buy?? i was thinking a two channel amp, but not sure help me out guys

I have 1 12L5 dual 4 ohm.. what would be a good kicker amp to push that?? i also have rs6 components and JL 6x9's, will the 700.5 be good or the 300.4 and the 600.1 be good enough?
thanks for all your help!

I have a 12inch kicker solobaric L7 and a 2000 watt boss amp that I got off a friend. The way he had it wired.. it worked but was very quiet and seemed to only be running at 20% compared to another friend that has the same sub. How should I wire the sub in the box so that its loud again? Please help.

LiL Nick Bagg
I got 2 kicker L5's and a Jl Audio 300/2 Amp... Sounds great to me

yeah Josh Where can I get my hands on a kx600.1 for 285!!! "THANK'S"

i need to know if a kicker zr360 amp is any good for 2 12in kicker sub's and how many wats it is!!!!!!!!

bad boy
a kicker zr360 amp is bad to the bone it is pushes around 500 watts without breaking a sweat.

I dont beleive that josh can get those amps for 285 "they must be hot" because if he could buy them for that price he would give yall guys the address on this damn scree. "or mabey josh is just talking out of his anus

Hey George just give Josh some time mabey he has been off his computer for a while. I'm sure he will pull through and let everyone know where we can get those great deals Please Josh I believe in you.


I don't know to much about car audio but i know i want good bass. I'm looking to buy some subs that are going to really pound but i don't know where to start. I'm looking to spend up to about $300 (Canadian) or $200 (American). Any ideas???

jacob Vangeoitye
You Canadian bacon Rat, why dont you go to wal-mart or the flea marcket because you sound like your wallet flat side.

What do you have against Canadians??

I just bought 2 sony Xplod 800 watt 12's. I need an amp!!!! I am wanting a Fosgate, but don't know how many watts I need to get!!!!!

I would not buy a Fosgate I would buy a Rockford get the 800.2 cus sony's are fonys they can only handle 200 watts per spkr

do you have the 2 ohm solobarics or the 4 ohm solobaarics hooked to the JBL BP-1200. I have 2 L7 4 ohm on a MMATs D100 HC and I think it could still sound better, because the amp is 1200 watts at .67 ohm. I don't think the amp is reading the speakers correctly.

Was The best thing to do i have a 87' monte carlo was the best thing to put 12' or 15' what breand is a good price but bangs

I have 2 12' MTX thunder speakers are they any good?

i purchased a solobaric L5 12"....i hooked the sub up to a Power Acoustik 820 watt (thats peak power) i would say the sub was takin about 400 watts of rms...i was driving down the road the other day and smelt this horrible smell..turns out that my sub was barreling smoke out of the box and my amp fried out sooooo if anyone knows what the hell happened email me at mail{,}

Ben Shain: Sounds like your speaker must have went to near dead short circiut. this causes high current to flow that causes high heat then smoke(Fire?). Your amp couldn't handle the current and gave up as well.

make sure that something in your box wasn't the cause ie, critters or some other metalic objects that could have shorted the feed wires. A jumper could have come off of one of the Voice Coiles and caused this.
If this is a Kicker Preloaded box they should make good maybe even replace your amp. if not you may need to prove that the speaker was at fault. Is the terminal cup melted? if so your speaker may still be good.

I was sad to see that there aren't many people here with answers... come-on lets help people.
Who! What's wrong with canada? You let terrorist through your country you support cuban dictators and you remind me of those cowardass france people.

Peace out dude

I am in the same boat as a lot of you.....quite lost when it comes to amps. I was going to put 4 8" cheapie subs running off 2 junk shaker amps (ska300)in my truck but decided that I would try to do better.

I wanted to go the route of two 10" subs. The amp part is the hangup. Everything is rated so stupid that you have to do your research before even considering buying one. I came accross the Legacy 800 watt amp for a reasonable price through work, but found that the general opinion is that those things are very over rated and not great amps. I also found the Song Xplod 444 amp, which is supposed to be 222 by 2 channels and is only $1 more than the Legacy. Do you guys have any idea if these are over rated? How well would the Xplode handle 2 10" subs? For that matter, do you guys know what those shaker amps are actually putting out?

How would 2 10's fed by that 800 legacy or 444 xplode compare to the 8's that I spoke of earlier in the post?

Thanks for any help.

Here is another that I found for a little less than the ones mentioned above. It says it is a pioneer 240watt, but then says 50x2 RMS.......

Manny Sanchez
im getting 1 solo-baric 12" L7 for my 96' honda accord two-door. i need to know what amp would push that speaker effectively and what can i due to reduce raddling (trunk). I am a college student whom has a limited budget so im looking for the most cost effective items too. thanks!

i have two 10" solobaricis with a 1200 sonyxplode adjusted down to 1 ohm.

I recently bought 2 12" solo baric L5 what is the best I can put on them to get a good base response. Not more than $750.

I need help here
I have a rockford forgate 700s punch now what I need are 2 subwoofers to buy or 1 . Can u recommend some good names for me 12 inch.
Thank you.

Criss Williams
i think that i got the best bang in town im pushing 4 15' kiker solo baris with 1 kicker zr 360 and 2 kicker 100 watt amps im screened out with 2 alpine monitoraa

Why under-supply your solobarics when you could be getting the maximum punch? I have two 15" solobarics and Im running a 1200 watt mono kicker to them both and it pounds them. My amp is only half-way turned up too... The new KX series kickers are good amps and the 1200 watter packs enough power..I wouldnt go with less.

A memphis 1000 watt by 2 would be good also but the kicker amp is made for kicker subs...why mess up a good thing?

hey i just bought two 12" L5 subs and a audiobahn flame series hcq2150 that has 1200 watts rms and i was wondering if i can get a good spl out of them

I have an old kicker xs100 that supposedly pushes somewhere in the 1000+W range. Is this amp enough to push 2 12" L5's?

David G
to reduce ratteling in the trunk you can go to you;re local audio store they sell this think like caulk that you can apply around youre trunk this makes it so that the trunk will not rattle you apply this glue like substance around the trunk to reduce the rattle this only cost about $7.00 and you can do it ur self

i have got two 15" L7 subs and 2 1000/1 amps in a focus they sound ok but 13 w 7 are better so need to get some of them

I guess I am weird. I bought the amps before the subs. I have two new Rockford Fosgate 550s. I was planning to get two Kicker 12" L7's. The amps are not "2 ohm stable". So, do I want dual 2 ohm or dual 4 ohm speakers, and how do I wire them? Also, is a 2 farad cap with 4 gauge wire and a 150 amp inline fuse necessary to run this? I will also have a Rockford 301x running four MB Quartz 6 1/2's. I have been buying everything piece by piece over the last 9 months and I am not letting the local sound shop gouge me. Please help me out here. Thanks.

IF YOU GO TO EBAY YOU CAN GET THE KICKER kx600.1 AMP for 259.00$ EVERYTHING is cheaper there -almost 1/2 priced i bought my whole system on it and payed 600 $ for 2 12" audiobahn 700 watt subs a box and fosgate amp

i just bought two solo-baric L7's(4-ohm), what kind of amp should I get to push them?? A guy from circuit city told me to get a D-class MTX amp but I wasn't sure. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated ?


i think i have a good system on my 2001 ford excursion i have (8)12" kiker solo baric L7 running 4 mtx 81000d amps it thups loud i did almost all the truck with dynamat so no rattle u you can hear we i thump.A kenwood excelon touch scren for my radio deck a alpine 4 channel amp 4 my mid+highs clarion 6/8.4 rockford caps & 2 optima batteries thats just the system i also have 1 flip down 15" screen 2 7.5" headrest tvs navigation on steering wheel and 2 wide screens on third row seat. 22"lowenhart rims and not to forget the main show with AIR BAGS

so angel will the 81000D mtx amp be more than enough to push my two L7's ? by the way nice truck, u got any pics of it ?

my ex boyfriend has 2 14 inch subs and a whole heap of speakers and he thinks he is the sh*t so if anyone wants to have a sound off and lives near Roma come up here and blow the f**k out of him


600 RMS X 2,

Can i power up both of the subs????

Lotsa questions and not many answers. Generally a subwoofer will sound best if powered by the same brand of amplifier. So look and see what the manufacturer recommends, then shop around for something comparable.
I recommend buying a class D amp and running it at 2 ohms. Most of the equipment people are wondering about is of high quality so this shouldn't be a problem. Also the Kicker and MTX amps are severly underrated, so you may be able to buy something seemingly less powerfull but still get excellent sound. Don't forget that a 4 Gauge wiring kit for the amp and high quality RCA's are required. Look at RMS not Max. In all reality 300 Watts per woofer (voice coil for Solo Baric, so 600 watts total) should be your minimum, anything extra is icing on the cake. Look at Dan Buker's post, very informative.
Also, who the hell has a 14 inch sub woofer?


new in the game and looking to hook up some raw sound but while looking around i do not understand the 2 ohm, 4 ohm or 1 ohm and so on. Does the amp hook up a certian way or do you need a certian speaker for that or not. somebody please help me.

how do measure a solo baric?

do u measure the size from the bottom left corner to the top right corner? (12inch)
| | |_______________|

how do measure a solo baric?

do u measure the size from the bottom left corner to the top right corner? (12inch)
| | |_______________|


i found a website where you can get the KX600.1 for $288

DUDES, Lets get loud, I just bought me two brand new Jensen subwoofers at a rummage sale for 25 dollars, I hooked them up to my audiovox cassett player/cd player, hooked up my 25 watt per channel factory GM graphic equalizer, and I am jamming on my new LFO CD.I have the bass cranked all the way down, and Im getting red lights on my equlizer. Hope I can hear tomorrow hehe.. this system blows away any Fosgate or JL Audio system made. Rock on dudes...

hey i got a kicker solobaric 12'' and im putting it in a single cab truck, and i want it to thump, will a rockford fosgate 550s amp, running 500watts just to that one 12 thump????


I HAVE GOT 1 15" SOLOBARIC L5 750RMS WHAT AMP SHALL I GET??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

William Jefferson
I have a KX 600.1 and my friend said I can still hook up two Kicker S10L7's subs to it even though it is mono channel. Any ideas?

Well... Let's just add another ?? out here......
Most of my system got jacked a month ago :{{{ BUT
its time to go shopping.... (To my Absolute Complete Shock) Eclipse honored thier ESN On Gaurd Theft plan even though it was 3 weeks past exp. and shipped a (refurb'd?) CD5442 to the shop I've used for a while.

Getting to my Point- I had 2 12" Kicker CompVR's b4 running off the Lanzar 240 Vibe and was not impressed AT ALL with the sound. I have a 2000 Ford F150 Ext. The guy @ the stereo shop is heavily reccommending running 4 (yeah 2 no work get 4 !!!) 12" Diamond CM3 ($600 total) to a Rockford 1000.1 bd (prob - amp is factory refurb'd & $450.00 ?!?!) I haven't had any experience w/ Diamond & after what I went thru w Fosgate back in 98 I haven't kept up on thier ratings! Ofcourse - this is being custom installed to rip that daMM backseat out so the total $$$$$ is getting up there!

Any suggestions / comments would be GREAT! - - ALSO - still needing an amp to run the Polk3055 Comp. set in front and 3 way Eclipse in Rear - got any cheap ideas on an amp for these - the Eclipse PA5422 the shop is quoting may be a lil too $$$ after everything else! (Especially a better alarm!!) THANKS SO MUCH FOR ANY INFO!!!

my buddy has to diamond 10" in the back of his blazer and they POUND. they are pretty good subs

Anyone heard of kicker EX120 version.

anyone heard of kicker EX120 woofer?

Whats up yall I got 2 12inch mtx's and I have two different amps, can I hook both up and how? Please write back quickly because this is for my girl

i just got a 666w xplod AMP custom made from sony!!!!!!!

i got 2 solobarics L5 and i need them to shake from like 2 blocks away what do i need i got 2 500 punch amps but that just aint doin it

I have an old ska300 shaker that i was running in my first car,, now i have hooked up two 15' in my new car with new amp (etc) but i was wondering if i could use my my old ska300 watt amp 12 volt to run my turntables, now my house runs on 120 volts so is this possible

for my single L5 12" if first haed a kenwood 1k peak at about 400 rmsx1... it sounde pretty good till a friend of mine told me about the mmats amps. the mmats amp i have is the 500.1 @12v cranks 500 rms. since i have a 2 farad cap reading 14.30 volts "supposedly" cranks it up to 650 rms. and yes what a difference from the kenwood! the bass the l5 produces is eardrum rattlin! for the amps! the best thing about the mmats amps are that theyre bery small (mine's 10") and they hardley even feel warm to the touch!

you are a bunch of no good winers stop trying to get stuff cheap you never heard you get what you pay for if you would stop messin around with kicker and get 4 12 inch memphis subs and 4 memphis 1000 class d amps then you would have somthing i hit a 162.3 with this same set up in my 2003 chevy s-10 with 22's and bags cuz and screw canada

I have a Profile clarus 1200 amp that kicks out 450wts rms @ 2 ohm and 300wts rms @ 4 ohm, will that pick up (2) 12 inch solobaric L5's.some one that really noise, can you respond back thanks.

here is an answer to all of the questions i have installed atleast 100 solobarics for the L7's we use either the kicker 1200.1 or a directed 1100d i dont think you can over power these things now for the L5's we use the directed 600d or a kicker 600.1 they can handle more power then them two amps put out but we have tried quite a few amps and these work well with the subs

people have the misconception that the L7's pound harder. this is true but only if they are powered properly. if you're trying to run only 500 watts to a pair of L7's, then that defeats the purpose of having these subs. in my opinion, if you don't have a very powerful amp then just get the L5's.

i have two 12 inch pioneer subs and i need to know what would be the cheapest way to push them how many watts do i actuallly need? any price ranges? please help, thanks!

which model subs do you have? do you know how many rms watts they can handle? i'll help you out but i need to know which subs they are.

Hey fellas i just read the messages. If you have two ten l7s get a memphis 1000 digital amp amd bridge it to one ohm. This setup will hit hard as hell. I have this setup in my car. Make sure you have a ported box. The bass gets deep. If you need help jit me up

Kyle Barker

i hav just bought a ZR1000 kicker amplimfier!
i really want the the square solo barics but dnt no which 2 go for, i think i might go for the L5 15". Do u think they will do the job????????

hey killer, actually i'd recommend two 12" L5 solo barics. they will move faster and be more accurate than the 15". two 12"s will beat one 15" anyday for spl. if you're on a budget then i'd recommend two 10" L5's in a sealed box. i personally don't like 15"s because of their sloppiness. check out because they sell solo barics really cheap.

have 2 12 inch L7 kicker solo barics, What amp should I use to push the subs

Hi, I have 2 15" rockford punch z's. (8 Ohms) and 400 watts max,to each sub. inside of a datsun 280z hutch, what kind of amp will pound em for a price under $300 ?

having 8 ohm subs really aren't in your favor because they're not very flexible when it comes to getting an amp. are they dual voice coils or single coils?

2 12' old DHD with 1800watts Boss Amp ...hit hella good ..cost only $300 US

i have a 400watt SpL running my 12"boss sub its actually pretty loud but after i sell my old car im wanting to put a solobaric 12 in a ported box in my new 96 ford contour would my SpL(400) be big enough to push that 12 pretty good or would i have to get a diff amp?

i am going to get 2 kac-929 which is kenwood 1000watt 460rms@1 for 2 L5's is that too underpowering??

i have 2 12l7 solo barics and orion amp hcca2100
1600watts rms @ 1 ohm no problems here !

i was wanting to get a L5 12 and run a kicker kx300.4 would this make it pound?

I bought at L7 15 4 ohm. Would the kx 600.1 make it slam?

C´mon people, read the posts, most of the questions have been answered already, for either sub, l5 or l7 you CAN get away with 350 watts RMS, they will sound loud and clear, so go for any MTX 250 monoblock , kicker300 amps, etc; if you want to pound the s#$$ out of them (they can and will handle it) go for the kicker600, mtx 500d or 800s and the alike.If you want to push your luck go for the 1000-1200 range amps, just stay away from lower brands (including Sony) that over-rate their amps, so no boss, no legacy, no jensen, you get the point. By the way, the L5 and L7 are virtually the same sub, but the L7 is built with better materials that can stand heat-related issues way more reliable than the L5s, hence the higher power rating. To the guy who burned his L5 my bet is you were using the sub in a vented box without a subsonic filter for more than an hour, overcharging the sub with non-hearable bass noise and avoiding the warranty. Oh!, and Dan Burker knows what he is talking about, just read him. Long live Canada (no, I´m not a canadian)

Sean M
I got a 700w sub from my friend for 20$, its a cheap pice of $hit but i'm not lookin for a superb system. i am getting a 700some watt amp tomorrow and i was wondering what guage wires i should use when wiring. i am hooking my rear speakers up to the amp also. ne help would be great.

sean...8 gauge power and ground wire would be good enough. 12-16 gauge wire will be good from the amp to sub. I never hooked up an amp to the back speakers of a vehicle so i can't help ya there. peace

Matt W
hehe I had 1 L7 12" on a Memphis 1100D pulled down to 1 ohm running at 1100 RMS (what the book says anyways) In a single cab F-150.. Put it on a Linear SPL Meter and got a 142.9 out of it on the Dash..

Have since upgraded to A L7 15" after getting the magic smoke showing off.. Same amp and I can sometimes smell the sub but not as much as I was durring the life of the 12.. I do however recomend a sub-sonic Filter on ANY ported box and if your REALLY REALLY hammering the sub don't do it over 30 40 seconds or so.. if your running around the top end of the power handling your going to get the smoke..

I don't recomend getting right at the top of the power unless your competing (unless its a sealed box)

ANYTHING for the 10" and above for L5 would be 300 RMS for the L7 I would do About 500 RMS

Just my 2 cents

I built a custom box for my solo baric 15 L7. My amp is coming tomorrow and i'll see if it slams with 600 w rms

I need some suggestions. I was driving last night and my subs would stop hitting...i'm assuming my amp shut down. I'd turn the system off for a few minutes then it would be fine for a little and shut off again. Do i need an alternator? Battery?

actually nick, check to see if the impedence of your subs match the impedence of your amp. wiring 2 ohm subs to an amp that is only 4 ohm stable will result in those symptoms you mentioned. happens all the time.

Mr. Wick
Josh may be lying but you can get the Kicker KX600.1 on ebay with warranty for 239.00 everyday.

I got my amp (kx600.1) and sub (solo baric 15 L7) in my trunk ready to slam. The only problem is i don't know what gauge wire to run from the amp to the sub. I have 16 gauge and it fits in the amp but it seems to small. I also have 4 gauge and its way too big. Would the 16 handle the power?

I hooked up my system as listed above. Kickers slogan....."livin loud" is an understatment. This sub hammers the bass. The only problem is my car shuts off since my amp draws more current than my alternator and battery put out so i need a new alternator. :-(

Daniel gateway man
since josh will not give a web site for his amp i will give u one for the kx 600.1 for it is anything email me at

Most Ebay sellers are not authorized, won't be long before Kicker shuts them down and gives them a fine. One of the Kicker reps told me a lot of it is b-stock (refurbished) anyway, and the sellers don't tell you. My friend specializes in Kicker, if you need a good competitive price on NEW him at
He also carries almost all other brands

i'm thinking of getting two 12solobaric l7 any suggestons on the amp. And also whats does 2-ohm and 4-ohm mean. does one sound better than the other?

Mike nice subs 2 L7's with the right amp(s) to power them and you'll be heard a mile away.These subs can hold 1000 watts a piece and even more If you want to Blow ur eardrums the thing is hmmm which amp should I choose?well u can go to the wholesale matrix and get 2 Kicker KX1200.1 mono sub amps each amp can put out 1200x1 @1ohm and all u have to do is wire the L7's in parallel to get a 1 ohm load that is if there dual 2 ohm Voice coils and ull be set.These amps arent cheap though look to spend 450 bucks a piece on them with shipping included.If ur not Interested in that amp then I would recommend JL 1000/1
JBL BP1200.1 MTX 8100D ARC audio 900.1D or 1000.2T KAR or ARC Audio 1500D-R

I have a 2000 Monte Carlo SS and I bought 2 12" Kicker L5s and a Hifonics Brutus 1500W Mono Amp...My amp puts out 1500w at 1 ohm so I dont have the gain turned up but I put these subs in a vented enclosure and THEY POUND!! I love it when people get in my car and I keep it low for a minute, then Ill turn on a good song and just rattle their heads...I might upgrade to the L7s because My amp is pushing out more than enough for L5s...

well i talked to a guy that went to school for sub,stero,amp, wiring and hook up and he said thet my 800 watt 2channel amp would thump the hell out of them kicker solobaric 12 inch but it would thump them as hard as they need to be.....but i recently fould out that lanzar amp are the best they are 2000watts rms the push 2 x 1000 Watts Max at 4 Ohms or 1 x 2000 Watts Max at 4 Ohms Bridged there eveything youll ever need and they are pretty cheap i check and and they are $159.00 plus $15.95 shipping which inst bad if you go to they are $398.00 for the amp

Anonymous obviolsy dont know much about car audio becase Fosgate is a rockford amp you idiot....get Rockford Fosgate....and i knew a guy that had to 12in sony explodes with a 600 watt amp and it hurt to keep your jaw shut sometimes.....recheck you resources bud!!

bob b
I have 2 kicker solo baric 12" in the back of my reg cab s10. i went with the kicker 1200.1 you cant go wrong. $450 brand new and 1367 watts of pure power. it was tested at 1367 and was rated at 1200. it can range up to 1500 tested. I would defently stick with the kicker brand if i was you

most of the people around where i'm from think there systems sound good. sh*t.. they dont even know. all you need is a good box and you can make any speaker sounds good. you get two kicker solobarics in a box with the kicker 1200.1 you better watch your ears.

Well i have to say the funniest one is, the 4guage wire wont fit. The whole wire does not need to fit hot shot. You need to get a coupler, a clip thing, crimp it on the end of the wire. Then Wa La. You have a thin piece of metal that fits right in. You can also just shave down some of the wire and insert it in. I just purchases and L5 12'' solobaric at tweeters for 99. It was refurbished but i get a 2 yr warranty. Thereofore after a yr i bring it back and they give me a brand new one. Now for the amp. I am considering a 2ch fosgate when in bridged mode i can get 400rms, i can get that amp for about 140 on ebay. fosgates are reliable and the price cant be beat. For amps dont buy low end stuff, such as lancer, or jensen. Its just not worth it and they will blow. You can get a decent amp for under $200. The L5's for the 12's say the rms is about 750, which means you prob would need anywhere btwn 300-500rms, and i think ur head wont fall off. Well im off to building a box. This is going to be my first box built for the 12'' i think im just going to use particle board. If anyone has tips on building a box email me about it, im open to suggestions. Thanx

Bob G
I put 2 12" Kicker Solobaric L5's in my '04 Passat and hooked 'em up to a Power Acoustik 1800 watt amp. The subs are in a sealed box (no ports) and wired at 4 ohms. My car has the stock Monsoon sound system (which includes an amp that powers the 4 tweeters and 4 6" speakers in the doors). I tapped the rear speaker wires off of the head unit for my amps signal, put in a line converter (to RCA jacks), and this system quakes! The Power Acoustik amp has plenty of power to push the 12's and I got it for around 300 bucks. This is definately the best setup I have seen, as far as Solobaric's go. The bass hits very hard and does not distort one bit. You can hear the car coming from a long way. My next upgrade is an XM deck and then I am moving to the engine, Neuspeed chip and maybe a Turbo upgrade! Have fun!

Looking for an amp? I have an awsome amp for sale really really cheap. Iam selling my car so the entire system has to go. This amp works perfect and look like new. This guy puts out over 1100watts will power anything from 2 15" 2 12" 3 10" will power anything you have. Dont miss this. Take a look at the website retail price on this guy take a look and read the reviews Dont miss this deal I paid $650 bucks for this amp selling it for $260. Also you get free wiring kit with the amp. Email me back tell me if you are interested.

I have 2 10" vibe subs, both are 750watts rms, any advice on what power amp I should use on these.

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Has anyone ever heard of Volfenhag subs? I'm a new buyer and I'm not lookin to rattle the person in the car next to me, I just want more bass. I'm not gonna shell out $800 for this, so thats why I'm lookin on EBAY-- and that is what I found, I was wondering if anyone had heard of them, or have any comments on them. If you have any suggestions please let me know, because I'm a little lost with all of this ohm stuff!! I really like Kicker, and I live in stillwater so i have easy access, but i'm thinking EBAY may be a better way to go being that kicker is expensive. thanks

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Stephanie Volfenhags are total Junk they are down there with Pyramid,Pyle,Legacy,Boss,and so on.If you were lookin for Kicker Subs for cheap go to
If you werent lookin to rattle people around ya go with some Kicker Comp's or even some Kicker Cvr's from that site and If you need an amp Kicker amps are really nice too.

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Thank you Hydro

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ok then if i got a KICKER CVR12 12" Comp VR Subwoofer D4 or something how much wattage do i need in an amp?

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for that matter, if this is being added to a factory stereo system for low end fill, you could just add an amplified sub like the Infinity BassLing (~$150) of Bazooka tube, either of which is fairly easy to connect, and a lot cheaper than going the route of subs, an amplifier, and a new enclosure.
much smaller as well, and easier to remove when extra space is needed.
the sound quality difference wouldn't be noticed if you're using speaker level inputs anyway.

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typo. I meant to say Infinity BassLink
it's a 10" sub, with 10" passive radiator and built in amplifier. tight little package, and not too bad for sound quality for a drop-in solution.

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i have after market speakers and a new sony cd mp3 player w/ a sub thing.. its made for subs i guess

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Ok, you have pre-outs then for amplifiers.

how much is your budget for an amplifier?
box for the subs, and wiring?
what type of car is this?

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is alphasonik good?
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