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New car, old subs...need installation tips, pleaseHelp24
Crossover Frequency?Help26
So confused. Need help quick, please, its amp troubleHelp24
Eclipse SubsHelp23
Adire Shiva!!jack zheng2
Sub Installation Help...Help22
Help me pleasejmb3
2 12" RF HX2 subsAnonymous6
Any Downsides of 18" Subwoofers (glass)Aaron23
Does re ever return emails?erik1
1 Sub, Right <Measurements, or Help22
0 - 153 in 9.8 Seconds!Damien Roberts5
Fiberglass questionBig D2
Kicker 15" L7 - Boxes - advice!paddy17
JBL 1200.1ThatGuyYouKnow5
Someone tell me if visonik subs are any goodAnthony B Leder7
~~~NEED HELP! (glass, you mind giving me a opinion here)~~~~celica guy7
Mustang Mach 460 EnhancmentsJohnny Speed1
Sub suggestions?its_bacon122
Older L7 modelits_bacon122
Enclosure to large? Glass/Fishy/Jonathan/anyone please help!its_bacon1215
RF HE2's, good for SQ?its_bacon1212
Need A new setup Glass,any1 else all post welcomeJordan Athnos5
Help with wiring please.koz2
Box dimensionAnonymous1
Alpine Type E Subs commentsgsdfgsdfgsdf2
What is limiting SPL here?Brian H13
I need help on choosing a subElecgenius2
Kicker l5's for saleBadAzzBowtie2
GlasswolfBryce Mitchell1
Ported box questionHelp25
Sealed Or slot ported?Help22
RE MTHelp28
HELP needed once again asap!ryan c.8
Voice CoilsGlassWolf7
Crossfire subs.Berny Ok1
Shake the lake contestAnonymous1
Infinity Sub ProblemHelp23
Need help with 8" subs.Rick R1
GlassWolfChris Jones4
Amps in the coldJeff Loughrey3
AC-190 sensor VS TermLab???GlassWolf2
Nakamichi SP80 SpecsAnonymous1
Finally done =) please read!Jake Davis4
A guy with $500 and no clue needs some helpHelp211
Single SubD Nash4
Audiobahn subsThatGuyYouKnow13
Box face in or face out?Help26
Visonik subs ectHelp22
Jl subs for focusjason lavaysse14
How many dbsSlap Johnson9
Subs facing into boxAaron2
I need YOUR helpJeff Loughrey3
2 JL W0 10" or 2 ADIRE Shiva?Anonymous11
Spl stuffalex isbell13
Break-in periods?Jonathan11
ID10's Wiring Question...Help22
Need help choosing right setupAnonymous1
IDmaxGet it on!7
Got deal or notGlassWolf2
Alpine Type R's vs. Adire Shivasfrunjie slappity bin7
Custom system for a 1963 mercury cometGlassWolf6
Is This CorrectGreg Belous1
Logic soundlab amps?Jeff Loughrey1
Serious question for Glass and John.Steven4
4 JL 10" Clam shellGlassWolf8 a rip-off?!??lucas beckner1
Just wonderingBushiki Balls16
This setup good or no?Help2
? For Those with BrahmasHelp4
Anyone know of any SPL comps in Louisiana, MS, or ARK???marshall white4
Help me Larry .R1
?? On Ported Enclosures??Aaron5
CD skippageAnonymous13
Best amp/s for a pair of Adire Brahmas?GlassWolf4
Fosgate HX2 - 1000W SUB - BRAND NEW sucka5
Treo v Image DynamicsDave3
Where can you get fiberboard?GlassWolf3
How should i approach this?Tyler Compton1
Vibe SubsHelp2
I get no sound...why? help...brent doss8
Infinity Coils keep breaking...Anonymous7
Tuning Subwoofer Enclosure???Aaron7
Competitiontaylor scott1
Competition in NW PA?Anonymous1
Subwoofers face in or out?jon doe10
RE x x x Anonymous6
XM or SirrusJonathan3
Xtant, JL, or Arc ? expert opinions pleasejeremie boop2
Need HELP NOW!!!ryan c.3
Hat is your opinion on the Alpine Type E 12" subwoofer OpinionWahl6
Cant decide?jeremie boop2
Can't find the xmax!taylor scott1
Hey how is this setup....taylor scott4
Setting the gain w/o damaging the subsGlassWolf4
Help me understand sound staging (good one 4U Glass)GlassWolf7
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