Serious question for Glass and John.


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Well After months of being on this board, and knowing alot more about car audio, I would like to know what classes I should take in colledge to be able to install and build boxes and such for a living. Glass you live about 2 hours from me and I dont know if you are familiar with Ferris state, but I have been accepted the and I plan on going there. I am very serious about this profession and am wondering what classes I should take. I will go for 2-4 years if needed, I have plenty of money, and schoolerships(HeHe to bad I cant spell). There is no rush, I am just wondering what I need to know to be good at this. I have already installed plenty of systems for kids at my school, and none of them had a complaint. My GPA is 3.65, I have taken 4 years of techinical drawing and I took 1st in state with one of my drawings. I know how to work with wood and this year, for my semester final in shop I am building a 8 cubic foot enclosure for 4 V-Maxs in a blazer(Believe it or not, my shop teacher). It makes me extremly happy when I get a project finished and have the customer very happy with my work. Thankx

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I know this isn't the type of answer you're looking for but I'll give it anyway. ...I may not know sh!t about car audio, but I know alot about education.

First off, it's great to hear that you're planning on studying something that you love. Most people NEVER do that. Good on ya!

Secondly, take whatever courses appeal to you. You're probably going to work for yourself at some point in the future, so in addition to the design courses, you'll also benefit from business courses if they're offered. The only thing that I would recommend is that you NOT take courses that you think will be easy. The point of school is to get good at things you're not currently good at. Take the time and spend the effort rounding out your skillset. You'll be a better builder, and a better person for it.

Thirdly, keep working as hard as you have been. If you're smart enough to pull a 3.65 GPA and you're artisticly inclined, the only thing that would ever stop you from succeeding is a lack of work ethic. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, treat people with courtesy and respect in your personal and business life and within no time you'll have business logged for months to come.

Good luck

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go into engineering
mechanical, electrical.. something like that.
that'd give you a solid career oriented education.
after that you can learn about cabinetry and stuff from reading books on car audio.
I have links to the books you want, but cabinetry isn't really a college sort of education.

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Hey thankx for the help, I do plan on mechanical engineering.
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