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Kenny H
Unregistered guest
Are the eclipse stats right on the SW9122 titanium sub b/c they say it has a 1.5 inch one way X-max. If this is correct that makes it greater than Brahmas, IDmax, and about any other sub i have heard people talk about being loud on here so why doesnt anyone talk about eclipse. If they have relitively the same cone area and a much greater X-max and only require 750watts RMS shouldnt they be a much better sub than the Brahma or IDmax at least as far as being loud? Is there something im missing besides the high price tag?

Kenny H
Unregistered guest
anybody know?

Unregistered guest
Eclipses are great subs.
Theyre on par with the others you mentioned for sure
I havent had any experience myself as far as using
them however.
a big xmax number doesnt necessarily mean theyll
get louder.
Eclipses have a huge surround which lessens the
surface diameter.
IMO titaniums are more SQ oriented than anything.
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