Alpine Type R's vs. Adire Shivas


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I'm about to get some subs and was originally going to get 2 12" Type R's. But I heard alot of people talking about the Shivas being alot better than anything else in the price range. The Type R's are about $110 a piece and the Shivas are about $120. Does everyone agree that I should go with the Shiva's instead?

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Shivas have good SQ but dont get loud.
The technology they use is inefficient.
Id go with the Type-Rs myself.

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help wtf are u talking about. you said the w0 would be better than the shiva cuz it's more expensive. you obviously have no idea what you're talking about.

i just got my 2 shivas installed like 4 days ago, and they would definately sound better than the type r's and get louder too. go with the shiva's... i was considering the same thing 2 months ago, i'm glad i went with the shiva's.

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I didnt say that, first of all.
Plus, how can you tell me I dont know what
Im talking about.
I cant even understand what youre typing.
Next time youre going to try to discredit my
opinion, do it with some class.
Ive been around car audio for almost a decade now.
Although Im not as experienced as GlassWolf or Jonathan.
I know a thing or two.

Ive heard both the shiva and type-r's
back to back.
I prefer the Type-R's
Shivas werent designed to get loud.
ask Dan Wiggins, he'll tell you that.
Im sick of all these people with Adire hard-ons
XBL^2 can hold a lot of power, yes
but theyre innefficient.
If you want to put a crap-ton of power in them
theyll sound great.
personally, Id rather not.


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Well now you really do look like an a$s because shivas don't use the XBL^2 technology...Well done!

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Thanks for pointing that out.
My point still stands.
Shivas dont get loud, and I prefer
Type-R's over them.
I can have an opinion...can't I?

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i have also heard them both. shivas get louder than type-r's no question about it! theyre definately NOT inefficient either... they sound crisper and get a hell of a lot louder than type-r's. you can have an opinion, but you may want to re-evaluate it.

i don't have an "adire hard on" i just know what loud is.
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