2 JL W0 10" or 2 ADIRE Shiva?


Which would have better spl and sq?

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shiva's no question, they compair to w3's awesome drivers. especially compared to the w0's

which one is better between Shiva and W3's???

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Shivas are 125 a piece.
W3s are 200 a piece.
Id venture to guess W3 would be louder.
Shivas would have more SQ

chris cringle said
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the shiva's are louder when set up correctly, awesome drivers.


How would you have to set up the Shiva's to make them louder then the W3?

sticky mcnuts
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by using them instead of w0's, w0's are peicees of sh!t compaired to shiva's.

trust me for the money, shiva's put to shame most subs out there, they easially knock with w3v2's, and can hold there own with many subs of higher calliber.

do the shiva's they blow the sh!t out of the w0's

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i just got my shivas hooked up like 2-3 days ago. omfg get them.
the audio store near me didn't know about shiva's and they saw one and said "just get the w0 man". i'm SO glad i didn't... there is no comparison of the w0 to the shiva... shiva kills the w0. theyre more like a w6 than a w0. and they're cheaper!

they are so crisp and hit so hard. i couldn't believe how cheap they were either. definately satisfied with them.

i used them in a dual 12 subzone prefab sealed box with 1.24 cubic feet per chamber. i hear they'd do even better in a bigger box...

How many watts are you sending through 'em? And what amp for around $150 would work good and make them hit hard?

Do you think they would hit hard in a small hatchback truck box?

which is 36X15.5X8.5".
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