Infinity Coils keep breaking...


Hi does anybody know if this isnormal I'm running the typical set of 2 infinty dual voice 120.3DVC coils on a JBL 600bp, but the wires keep breaking off, so I saudered<--(probably didn't spell it right, but you know) them back one but the keep doing it, so should i get something else, or just buy new ones? What did I do wrong? I never turned it all the way up!!

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Do they keep breaking at the solder point, or in different places?

Yes Jonathan the solder point, and now one came loose off from the inner sub, that I can't fix, right? I say 7 out of all 8 have came off at some point....

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what sort of box? what's the net volume per sub?
how is gain set on the amplifier?
any issues with lights dimming when bass hits?

about the box i really don't know anything :-(, but the gain is all the way up is that bad? and yes the lights do dim, so its actually my fault? if so should i buy the same subs but treat them better?

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oh goodness.
ok, firstly, yes it's "your fault" technically.
here's how to fix this:
turn the gain DOWN! no higher than half way up for sure. gain doesn't work as a volume knob. it balances the input stage of the amp to the line voltage of the head unit.
If the gain is set too high, the amp will "clip" becasue it's over-driven. Even if the subs are underpowered, you'll still be sending distortion and DC voltage to the drivers, which will do exactly what you've seen.. kill em.
Also if your power line is too small, or the alternator isn't strong enough, your voltage rails will sag, and lights will dim, etc.. and as a result... again the amp will clip, and the subs get damaged.

set "bass eq" etc to flat )zero) and turn the gain down on the amp to maybe half way up.
if you need more bass, either try a larger amplifier (and you'll need a bigger alternator for that) or use the bass adjustment at the head unit (sparingly)
listen for distortion or popping. back off the bass when it happens.. this is damage in progress.

you have good gear. it just may not be enough for your tastes. overdriving it will only kill the gear.. not give ya the bass you're after.
Perfects aren't SPL subs keep in mind. They are made for detail and SQ. Great subs, but not the loudest things.
Also if you have Perfects, be sure the bvariable Q thingies are set up for the type of box you're using.. that can also affect their TS specs, and mess them up too.

Wow, thanks for the detailed information, glasswolf!
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