Need help with 8" subs.


Rick R
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So, almost 3 years ago I bought myself a system for my truck, but I never put it in basically because I got too complex with my--between bucket seats console sub box--design and burnt myself out trying to build it. So now I'm ready to finish what I'd started.

Here's what I have waiting to be installed:
• relatively basic pioneer CD player
• Boston Rally RC620 component system
• Kicker 600 multi channel amp (I don't have the thing with me at the moment, but I'm sure it's a previuos version of the Current KX 650 amp)
• (1) Kicker Comp VR 10"

The original plan was to send 150w to each Boston and 300 to the 10". In wanting the system to be as hidden as possible, and taking into account the layout of my truck cab, airspace and optimal speaker placement restrictions and personal preference for how the finished console will look, I've decided it's not possible to use the 10". I've decided to ebay the 10" and get a couple of comparable 8's to place behindthe seats. Naturally, I was simply going to go for 2 new Comp VR 8's. I've got a buddy trying to turn me on to Polk Momos instead. Considering that the Polk/MOMO MM2084 is the same price ($90-and that is my limit) as the CVR and boasts practically identical specs, I thought that I'd seek out advice on the matter here. Frankly, I would probably just go with the Kickers but (and I know this stupidly trival) I despise the "tribal tattoo" styling they've adopted and stuck right on the center of thier current line of comps.

My goal is to have good sounding all around system at reasonble volumes that can be inconspicuously installed, so I don't need any idiots telling me to go buy a 12" Solo.

So, am I on the right track, and if so, Kicker, Polk or Other?

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