New car, old subs...need installation tips, please


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Going from a Nissan Sentra to a 98 Crown Vic.
I currently have dual Phoenix Gold 12" subs in a box in the trunk of the Nissan (needless to say, there's no trunk space left).
I want to put a sub in the Crown Vic, but also want as much trunk space as possible also.
I have 2 other subs lying around gathering's a 12" Mac Daddy & the other's an older 10" Punch DVC.
If anyone here's installed a sub in a Crown Vic before, perhaps they can give suggestions/tips to help me out?
Thanks in advance.

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you could probably go IB in the rear deck.
(depending on the subs of course)
that wouldnt take up any trunk space :-)
I've seen it done on an impala SS, and it looked
really sweet.
Its kind of difficult to do it yourself if youve never done it before.
but it would be worth it.

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I'm sorry, but what's "IB"?

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It stands for Infinite baffle.
What it means is...
you use your whole trunk as the "box"
you seal off the trunk from the cabin so the
waves dont collide, thus not causing
noise cancellation.
Its tough to get some cars sealed right.
others its real easy.
Id recommend you get it done professionally.

You could also make form fitting fiberglass
enclosures in the sides of the trunk
(like behind the wheel wells)
or against the back seat
(inbetween the wheel wells)
If you werent up for glassing, you could also
fabricate them from MDF, but it would take
a while.
Id probably have this done professionally as well,
unless you think you can handle it.

otherwise, you could just use quick connects
and pull the box out when you need to use the trunk...thats cheaper. :-)

Good luck

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