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Phase Correction: How do it work?Jonathan2
Looking for suggestionsJonathan2
Focal componentsben paul william1
Quick quesionJarryd Lancaster2
Does it fit?sean s2
Which speakers should i buy?Tanner B. Wetzel2
Help With Speaker SelectionTanner B. Wetzel2
Does anyone know what size speakers fit in a 3dr focus 1.8??johnnyacy2
Kappa perfect AMP 1
Component Infinity 6.1 Speakers - HPF or FULL ????Andrew Paul B1
Question on WiringJuggalo Jeff1
Quick questionJeffrey D3
1000W sub to 450W ampAnonymous5
JL XR's or Boston Acoustics Pro60sean s5
Plz help!!! how to wire speakerssean s2
6X9 SpeakersDennis M5
500 watt max componentsjeremie boop1
How to remove dents on components?JL.DuB61
Can I conver speaker mount size?Somebody Somewhere1
Order your speaker upgrades from FTD???Neil McConnell1
What are some decent 6.5" speakers?please help!Anonymous1
In wall/ceiling Speakersaj1
Crossovers that come with the infinity kappa.....ken in nj1
Do sub enclosures need air?Chris Klein2
Nice coaxils w/ midbassAndrew Stibey1
Kicker 6.5 coaxials?Jimmy Dean1
ComponentsTyler D.1
Amp questionsdf1
Midbass for kicksAnton S. Shachin1
Kappa Perfect 6.1 or 5.1? Someone help!Doug1
Tweeter questionPatrick D.8
Installing 6.5" Infinity Kappa speaker helpParadigm5
Installing kappa perfect 6.1shills4201
Air Tight OR VentedSomebody Somewhere1
A little help please!Doug1
What Speakers Should I Get For My 70x4Watt Peak 60x4 RMS Car StereoSCOTTMAN1
New Infinity speakers sound like chipmunks!Jonathan2
About EbayJonez7884
Mounting component setJeremyC2
Kappa Perfect HelpDoug1
Reccomendation pleasehills1
Kappa speakers-amp quick questionsean s2
Amp questionJarryd Lancaster1
Tweeter Install - Dashboard Or DoorJarryd Lancaster26
Speakers crackle sometimes?Matt N.2
My infinity kappas are distorting with my new alpine head unit???Matt N.4
Question on newbie setupMatt N.4
I have infinity kappa 652.5i and no amp......big mistake???ken in nj5
Thoughts?sean s2
Simple enough questionsean s2
6 x 9s with deep bassnooname3
Best system for £1000kirun1
Need HELP!!!!!!!derek englehart4
Side Airbag and Speaker installationJayJ3
Question: johnny lemoine2
I need the stock stereo wiring diagram for a 99 AccordJayJ2
Need help w/ installing speakers for Hyundai Sonata 2002Michelle H1
Good choice?Andrew Stibey2
System recommendations pleasechad hardy58
Female vocalist....Jonathan2
Arc KAR CompsCarlB1
1 sub vs 2 subsDean Kertai2
Kappa Perfect vs CDT?tafkam3
Components, 2 way vs. 3 wayAnonymous3
2001 Honda Accord EXandrew grigorian1
Help needed!abcd13
Infinity Perfect 6.5 inch best for around $200?tafkam1
Efficient inexpensive components set.Mark Meiners3
Will this outsound my car?Jonathan2
Infinity Perfect 6.1 or JL 650CSi?Jonathan2
2004 Sunfire Sedan SpeakersMichael Albonese1
Do I need rear speakers?hiphopanonymous2
Stock Mazda3 or Scion xB stereo?CarAudioFNG1
Canton for cars, anyone?Neil McConnell1
Advice needed please for componentsAnonymous15
Amp for Kappa Perfect 6.1 speakersJames T. Kirk2
WHY DOES MY CAR STEREO SUCK????!!!!!??Jonathan6
Knowing when your MID-BASS Breaks IN .... ?Andrew Paul B11
Speaker & Amp setupjhon burns1
Tweeter InstallationJames Capone3
Need people who experienced with componentsJonathan2
The Stupidest Question In The WorldAnonymous5
Is there a way to tell if your box is ported or sealed?Adam Baker3
Kappa 60.5 cs or infinity perfect 5.1blare holz5
Speakers for volvo v40 or peugeot 307marcus pai1
Michigan Car AudioGuestlinger1
Building a box for door speakers?Jonathan5
Need helpAdam Baker2
Help with audio setup for my Van, quality & placement questions74 VW Westy1
How close two sub magnets can be???Jeevan4
Looking for a good setupTony Shelton1
Ok lets try this againTom Krampetz2
Factory speakers suck...HELP!!Jesse James5
Wondering if I Should Purchase this Kenwood SystemJonathan6
Problem!! Every time i change a track- I hear a POP on my speakers....ProbPOP1
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