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Denon DVD-2200KEGGER1002004-07-28 13:16
Questions about my ampKEGGER22004-07-28 03:40
Vintage amplifier troublesmatt with a capital 132004-07-28 03:36
HELP FROM SOMEONE WHO KNOWSb runo92004-07-27 22:52
Advice on restoring vintage Scott 350?Erik92004-07-27 19:28
Can i add a home cinema processor to my ampjoao ferreira62004-07-27 00:57
Weird probsPedro Dos Santos32004-07-26 05:27
How to connect 2 amps from one mixing desk???joao ferreira22004-07-25 16:16
Weird probsPedro Dos Santos12004-07-25 15:05
What are the advantages to running a non-clipped system???joao ferreira102004-07-23 22:25
THANKS FOR NOTHING EVERYONEJ. Vigne162004-07-23 15:45
RE: Classic amp thread from MarchJ. Vigne22004-07-22 23:16
Amps for about $1KBen James262004-07-22 14:53
NAD 319Five Times152004-07-21 21:21
Denon 1604, Onkyo TX-DS 595 or Yamaha RX-V450? Please advise!Jim Savage22004-07-21 20:17
Heavy metal amp?Gregory Stern452004-07-21 17:52
AmpsJames Lee32004-07-21 07:06
KAV-400Xi vs Parasound P3/A23Andrew Sherwood22004-07-21 04:48
Can I adjust my autoprotect on marantz SR7400 Andrew Sherwood32004-07-21 04:32
Views on NAD 319???asal7342004-07-20 12:56
4ohm Speaker / Amp QuestionJ. Vigne22004-07-19 01:20
Plm w/fashing amp. blaupunkt pa 2150Kevin Ross12004-07-18 01:54
How big of an amp?James A. Castro42004-07-17 14:29
Advise for Panasonic SA-XR50S with JBL SCS160SIJames Lee32004-07-17 09:52
Need Advice for Technics MK2's,Pioneer DJM600, NAD c370,canton le 1...Berny22004-07-16 18:36
Help!!!!!!!!!Berny22004-07-16 18:23
Audiolab 8000a ampAdam H.22004-07-12 15:03
Amp Installation problemsBerny22004-07-11 14:21
Amp InstallationBill Spence12004-07-11 01:53
JBL 1200 Watt Ampjake tablante12004-07-10 16:27
HK or Okyno?mauimusicman112004-07-10 05:06
Advise with Panasonic SA-XR50S with JBL SCS160Smauimusicman22004-07-10 04:58
Amp hook upMirsoslaw Babiarz22004-07-10 04:05
Advice needed for 2 channel-5.1 conversionAnonymous32004-07-09 21:33
Nad c272's sense circuit issues.....unbridled id12004-07-09 13:27
HELP - Is my amp knackered? ARCAM 8+8Pmissionspeakers32004-07-08 15:56
Please help with amp adviceJ. Vigne72004-07-08 15:56
Video input on ampsJ. Vigne22004-07-07 15:48
Impedance compatibility - amp & speakers (Cambridge vs Rogers)...joao ferreira112004-07-07 01:02
Help me ..please JENSEN XA 1120 AMPKEGGER22004-07-06 21:49
Subwoofer amplifierNathan Morrow62004-07-04 15:19
How do you buy and sell audio/video?J. Vigne502004-07-03 20:24
Luxman L-80v - turntable choice?joao ferreira22004-07-03 17:07
A/d/s ph6 amp, any good?newbie12004-07-02 21:09
Intergrated tube and A/V share 1 set speakers???J. Vigne22004-07-02 18:41
B & K Components-Pre/Power audition with questionKEGGER102004-07-02 16:56
Power amps vs. a/v receiver ampsKEGGER152004-07-02 15:30
NAD, Rotel and HKvaleem312004-06-30 14:03
Amps for Elac 330Medea Guo12004-06-30 04:57
Small amp recommendationsD.Y.32004-06-29 18:06
Marantz MA 22Alejandro52004-06-29 13:14
Arcam Alpha 7 vs NAD C320BEESun King62004-06-29 02:48
What kind of amp to push three 12" subwoofers(kicker cvr's)...Berny22004-06-28 20:27
Nad C320Bee & Polk Lsi15's. Jeff Byess12004-06-28 18:57
Nad C320bee- Solutions to be able to play 2 pr. of speakers?Jeff Byess32004-06-28 18:51
Protect modejoao ferreira32004-06-27 22:49
Retro Amp Helpjoao ferreira32004-06-27 21:50
Amp ProblemsBerny62004-06-27 13:40
Over-emphasised cymbals....mark audio4kicks92004-06-27 04:29
Power AmplifierNathan Morrow182004-06-26 03:46
Simple question - Warmth vs. Detail.Mr. V292004-06-25 16:06
NAD-T773/Klipsch- My first real system, and I'm looking for inputswampcat52004-06-25 02:47
Help!!!!!! KEGGER22004-06-24 17:20
Nad power amp question....KEGGER22004-06-24 15:15
Amp for AirTunesMark McKellier12004-06-24 15:05
Car speakers on home amplifierBerny22004-06-23 13:35
Amps I tried bridging it and my amp cuts out Berny32004-06-23 03:28
Converting bass amp....Berny42004-06-22 11:38
Help how do i hook an amp up through a toggle switchBerny42004-06-21 02:19
Nad vs adcomSun King152004-06-21 02:05
Help me hook an amp to my factory HUBerny22004-06-20 22:09
Amp with No PowerBerny52004-06-20 13:47
Odyssey Stratos any good?kenguard22004-06-19 20:01
Amplifier question important plz helpBerny22004-06-18 14:18
AMPlifierBerny22004-06-17 18:02
Center speaker output 'gone'!Jacob Saenz12004-06-17 14:57
Major problem with QED's Airloc banana terminatorswedaft62004-06-17 03:46
Paradigm Monitor 7's-Good Speakers?Noddin0ff42004-06-16 17:25
Need help!Berny102004-06-16 02:51
Need help with 2 JL Audio W3'sBerny22004-06-16 01:45
NAD C320Bee and Marantz CD playerMimo72004-06-15 21:47
NAD 208 vs. NAD 216joao ferreira102004-06-15 17:24
Sterio to amp to subBerny42004-06-14 13:04
Amp in Protection Mode?J. Vigne22004-06-14 02:24
Question about Yamaha AmpDaniel Mourad12004-06-13 22:37
Amps for Maggies - multichannelRick Barnes22004-06-13 21:06
Need a amp for eclipse subsBerny22004-06-11 23:01
Impedance matching volume control install testJ. Vigne22004-06-10 22:45
Connecting Sound Card to AmpRS42004-06-10 01:41
Need a ampanon22004-06-09 20:43
Help with match for paradigm titans?John Fake12004-06-07 22:50
Need Help!!!Berny32004-06-07 17:52
NAD separates or YAMAHA rxv1400swampcat82004-06-07 01:59
Sub woofer and ampJ. Vigne22004-06-06 22:57
New integrated amp for Dynaudio Contour 1.3SEman and his plan12004-06-06 20:29
Harman Kardon 4000J. Vigne52004-06-06 16:47
Useless spending on digital crap?J. Vigne52004-06-06 16:38
Mission ms6as + Cambridge audio A5Ambar Shah12004-06-06 12:39
Newbie question: systems integration?KEGGER22004-06-04 17:02
Aura Bass Shakers Amp....Steve12004-06-03 22:42
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