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Crossovers / Hu or Amp or both ? / JonathanSeth Lowe9
Is it ok to run a 80 amp fuse in the power line to a amp that has a...MO2
Is this a good alternator????Fuss14
Need the perfect ampNate so4
Are Soundstream amps any good?Nate So2
Remote wirelol23232
How can you tell your going to blow the ampNate So2
Orion 4004?Anonymous5
Audiobahn A6004T mat hooker1
Car amp + ipod ?mat hooker4
I need help on an amp selectionryan b7
kx1200.1 and sx1250.1mahde zahdeh28
Need help wiring!Jay Lafferty8
JBL 6 channel. Are 6 channel amps good?Alex Ochoa1
JBL GTO1201.1II Chauncey Brown4
Which amp is better...budget ampsMichael Cheatham14
I need help on an amp selectionryan b1
Profile amps?Optidriven3
One Channel Vs. TwoOptidriven3
New Sound SystemJames Longo5
What would?Alan9
Hey Dumb peopleAnonymous11
Hey allAlan3
Bridging 2 Orion 1200D'sTrent Sitzmann1
Remote and groundBrandon6
? about power too 2 ampsBrandon2
HIFONICS amp for sale on ebay >>free shipping <</\/\ike2
Car audio links/\/\ike3
Help please, car amp to home powerMike Tang1
JL 300/4 ampJonathan4
Hooking up a car system in my house!!Mike Tang4
Diamond Audio D7152 2 Channel Amp Car kbizzle4
Turn off problem. need helpJames Longo4
Isaac, Jonathan, GW, someone...Help...Tyler11
Good,bad, ugly listJames Longo4
Amp Recommendations?James Longo2
Help with amp ratingIsaac2
Does the Orion 2500d have a subsonic filter?bassman33
Brand new hifonics amp for sale on ebay.sean10
Perfect Amp For two Infinity 12'' Reference series 1240w subssean7
Need adviceJames Longo3
Need a Professinals Opinion :-)...Deicide15
Amp Hook up ?Optidriven6
What am I doin wrong??Brandon2
Is my amp good enough?Anonymous4
Rockford fosgate 800a2 2 ohms bridgedAnonymous1
Audiobhan or kicker systemDustin21
Audio art......Alan2
Best bang for your buckChauncey Brown6
Bragging rights???B2
Cap for my ampsIsaac4
Amp for compsSteven Sudzina1
Ground and power Isaac6
Amp for JL 12W6's...6ohmSeth Lowe9
Sub and amp comparisonYoung James2
What type of Amp do I needdidz43
RemoteMichael Cheatham2
Amp helpluke ellers3
HELP!!!! need an amp!Optidriven3
***HELP***6x9s make a siren n clipping noise___2
i need help with new batt. and alt.Brandon3
My first system, help would be greatly appreciated Matthew McConnaughy3
Powering 2 15" subs ?CadillacDb23
AMP FOR L7'sbassman33
Legacy Amp confusion!?!Optidriven4
Autotek vs Hifonics?B8
HELP! What amp do i need to power 4 12' infinity subs?Tyler16
Audiobahn DUB2502 Vs. A6004T AMPsCadillacDb17
Inffinity Steven Sudzina1
? about hifonicsTyler9
Plz i want new audio systemB4
Amp Suggestions for Focal Utopia 165W's?Brandon2
MGILC: Amplifier QUestionsB4
Power And Ground Wire Issues (Again)B4
What is the perfect amp (plz i'm new)mahde zahdeh14
Over powerful amp's?Mitchell Stone4
2 Gauge wire?[...Rovin...]7
? about using two ampsSeth Lowe4
NEW amp for sale !!bassman319
Young JamesYoung James3
06 AudioburnYoung James13
NEED HELP. Amp for 2 12" MOFOCadillacDb8
Wellsburg , WV tylerAnonymous23
Which ampbassman38
How to hook up two ampsTyler5
Power t the people.Tyler4
Audiobahn a8002tTyler46
What is wrong?bassman33
2 channel ampty mutlow2
What should i use to push 10"alpine RsTyler2
Amp Comparison Ron Duen33
Good amp Vs. bad amp?luke ellers8
Grounding an ampluke ellers8
Need help with my amp QUICKty mutlow3
SONY amps??mahde zahdeh3
HELP! I think I fried my ampTyler4
****Help 6x9s makin siren n clipping noises***...Mitchell Stone3
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