HELP! I think I fried my amp


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I had the amp hooked up and nothing would happen, come to find out, I needed to sand the place where I had my ground so it would make better contact.
Anyway, to test the amp, I hooked the power and remote together with a wire, then grounded the ground and touched the power wire to the positive side of my battery...well dumb me, I guess, I had the amp sitting on part of the car that was metal...anyway...smoke!!!
ok, after the smoke cleared (yes I did unhook the amp), I redid it again, this time with the amp NOT sitting on the metal.. the green power light came on...Ok, so I go to hook everything up, in the trunk...heres what happens, the power will come on for a split second, if I have everything hooked up correctly and I touch the remote with a small wire running from the power.
If I unhook the subs, the amp will power up and stay on whether I have the remote hooked in or not.When I hook up the left sub...nothing comes out, when I hook up the right completly kills the amp.
I think things are fried and I am going to have to buy a new amp, am I correct?

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Yea, you are correct. U FRIED it.

the remote power is a low current switch, not high; so u hooked that up with the main pwr togther?? no no. Board is zaped. Maybe fixable.

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I Saw something on here that said you could hook the remote and POWER together to test an amp, thats why i did it...and since I dont know how to fix an amp...i guess i am SCREWED

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You can hook the remote to the power wire, it shouldn't affect your amp. Mine hasn't so far and it's been that way for about 6 months now.
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