Legacy Amp confusion!?!


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Hi all.

I have inherited a Legacy Predator 600 watt amp that I'm trying to set up to run my sub and 4 component speakers. The sub is 700watt peak and the components are 100watt peak.

My problem is that the amp is a 4 channel amp with option to run as 2, 3 or 4 channel. At present I have the 2 right hand components wired to the channel 4 speaker outs (+ & - as normal) and the 2 left hand components wired to the channel 3 speaker outs. I can turn the gain down on channel 3 and 4 (one gain controls both of these channels) to prevent blowing them and have turned the sub and bass boost switches to 'off' for these two channels.

On the advice of the guy who gave me the amp I have the sub bridged on channels 1 and 2 (+ to + on channel 1 speaker out and - to - on channel 2 speaker out) I have switched tha gain up and the bass boost and sub switches to 'on' on channels 1 & 2 (these switches control both channels 1 & 2 together).

The problem being that the guy who gave me the amp says I should run it on 3 channel as opposed to 2 or 4 and I'm not sure why or if that's right? Is this set up right as it is or do I need to change it?

Anybody know what the right way to do this is?


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run the fronts or rears to cahnnel 3 and the other to channel 4 and set to either high pass or full pass. bridge the amp only if the sub is a single 4ohm or dual 2ohm sub, and you can run it as a 4 channel mode, set to lowpass for those 2 channels.

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Nice one Ty,

Thanks for your help.

Just to confirm, run the components off channels 3 and 4 as normal and run the sub bridged (it is as per your spec above) off the remaining channels. Run it as four channel yeah?

I thought that seemed right but I appreciate your confirmation.

Cheers dude!


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FWIW - the smallest 4 ch predator I could find is the 668 (1000w max). The manual lists it as 35w x 4 at 4 ohms and 55w x 4 at 2 ohms.

If that's the one you have the most you're going to get out of it is about about 25w a piece to your components and your sub about 110w.
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