Turn off problem. need help


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Well I had my system hooked up for a little while and everything was going fine. Then recently I starting hearing alternator whine from my speakers and every time I turn on the stereo I hear a thump. Also the HU turns off after about 15 minutes of playing. The HU still has power but won't turn back on unless I press the eject button. I have 2 amps, one for my highs and another for two subs. Each amp is grounded at a different spot. I have checked the ground on the amp for my highs and it still does the same thing. I need some help.

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well the thump is because theres no delay in the amp turn on lead. thats a HU issue, nothing you can do about that unless you put the REM lead on a manual switch as far as i know.

the whine is prob gonna be a ground problem, or theres something wrong with your alternator. i reciently had that problem, and it turned out my alternator was bad and was only putting out 10.5 volts at idle at the battery, when i unplugged the alternator, the whine went away, so thats how i knew it was definally the alternator.

the HU turning off, i had that problem with a system about 2 years ago, my amp was my problem, had a cheap Profile amp, changed to a JL and had no problems. mine would keep turning the HU off, then it'd come back on, then back off again....ect...till i turned it off, waited for a little bit, then could turn it back on till i had to do it again, lol. annoying, right up there with alternator whine.

try to ground the amps at the same point. make sure you have the subs wired at an impedance the amp can handle too. gains set appropriatly too.

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get a power cap

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hey Richie this is the second thread you have posted where you recomend for the person to get a cap! 2 out of 5 posts you have recomended this and in both instances it was the wrong advice. If you dont have any decent input keep your posts and your cap recomendations to yourself. I suggest you do a little research on caps before you go recomending them to everyone. How would a cap help Javier in the slightest way?
I would point toward one of your amps for the problem. I had this happen to me, everything was running great and then one day I started having horrible alt whine. It ended up being a faulty amp,I changed it and never had the problem again.
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