Need help with my amp QUICK


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ok so i'v been messing with my amp for awhile now. i have a Pioneer GM-5100T 760 watt amp,hooked up to ONE solo baric 12" cube. My problem is my amp keeps cutting out once it hits a certain volume alos sucks alot of juice from my car, dimms the lights ruggedly, now iv tried everything to stop the amp from cutting out, i bought a battery capacitor, rockfordfosgate punch 1.0, 1 FARAD 16VDC becuase i thought the amp wasnt getting enough power, so i hook that up still cuts out but not as bad, the lights dont dim AS bad but still cuts out, i'v tried everything, new ground, capacitor, even messed with the gain and thats at half, tired to ya know "balance it out", also i did have 2 12" cubes at one point but the other ones broke so im stuck with one, heres whats werid, when i had two hooked up it didnt cut out, lights didnt dim, i could crank it, but ever since i "bridged" this one cube its cutting out, makes absolutly no sense (to me atleast) if someoen could help me in anyway id be so happy cause this is so frustrating :-(

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It depends on what the voice coil configuration is of your single sub. Im assuming if you had two wired to this amp then they were dual 4 ohm and this one is dual 4 ohm. Go to rockford fosgate's website and check your wiring options. There's a 90% chance that you are trying to make the amp run at 2 ohms mono, which it is not stable. Go buy two cheaper subs (dual voice coil 4 ohms) that say about 175 watts rms if u absolutaly cannot upgrade that weak amp. Any more questions email me at

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if you have dual 4 ohm subs and have it bridged, i will bet that you have a 2ohm load, and that amp is not stable bridged at 2ohms.
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