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Mini/dueo/trio patch file is outjustice1
What is the difference between analog and digital signal?Plymouth8
Finally something to celebrate!!!Maple Leaf6
No old bins workterry young10
Dish Network down 4 pm?Star18
New computer/ no serial ports/what cable do i needBill Vickers14
No interfaceAna Iris13
Dish 1000+ and a dish 500 to one recErnesto2
Help-Lost Channels/Signal Viewsat Xtrm After BlindscanVicente Prema7
B3v downNasty Nalin4
Skyview 600 Info, conversion, loaders etcNalin Nyda9
Its not Thursday- They must have new PPV's coming outalton vann penny3
No good pay perview movies Lately ? brian8
Is it new ECM?Nalin Nyda4
Pakistan VS Bangladesh Cricket Seriessada11
Which B75 BIN is the latest?Nalin Nyda2
Help with binNalin Nyda5
What should the settings be for dish 110?Nalin Nyda10
Planning to Buy new FTA ReceiverAfrican2
Switch-Test included in Conversion KitNalin Nyda1
VS Ultra problemAfrican27
Found interesting stuff..FTA hobby now VERY boring :-) ...Nasty Nalin13
Cw 800 only got 60 channelsdong chad27
Need new reciever, views*t or cools*t 7000Nasty Nalin10
Dead CaptiveWorks CW-600S premiumMaple Leaf31
Cool Sat NorW Full Bin File Support Details MUST READ!Ouchi Collashi13
B-7-5 For BEVNalin Nyda4
129 channel list?Nasty Nalin5
Which sat is good for hd dishPlymouth6
Bruce,im trying get bev inLK11
BEV QuestionPlymouth36
Captivework 800 fileAfrican4
Ultrasat clone Rick James3
B-75 bin 261 Nalin Nyda18
Cool Sat Rumors FACTS Here! 4000 5000 6000kate2
How to hook up Box #5 of Direct TV?Nalin Nvda36
Closed caption?you1
CS 4k, 5k, 6k bin 171 Nycman12
Traxis DBS1500 questionlroy tipit1
BASHED BY Cools*t Nasty Nalin14
C00lsat 4000/5000/6000 new releasekate12
Cs 4000,5000,6000kate2
What do you guys think of msn messenger 9kate3
A little help plzzz =2500 conv =2700ed mc3
CNX Duo vs Captve W 800Yeah33
Cw 600stom6
How can i use usb to rs232 cableThe Outer Limits11
What is official site for sonicvie 8000 hd install and binPlymouth3
Pansat dead, what do I buy?Tiger Woods6
How can I get my Pansat 2500a conv. to 2700 (PUFF_LZMA) working?...dinky dau36
Nfusion IPVR BinThe $mart 1!3
I have a problemterry young29
Anik-F3 118Nalin Nyda39
PUFF_261 - V2 for conversion receiversNalin Nyda4
Convert my pansat 2500Nalin Nyda7
Need help!!!Bobby Joe4
What other 261 puff bins are there besides LOTHARIO?Nalin Nyda31
Upgraded to Puff!!!Nalin Nyda4
Pansat 3500 settingTooter2
No remote allen jay3
Freezing on CW 600sPlymouth15
Solution on Viewsat for channel and sat setup lost by PlymouthPlymouth1
Has anyone figured how to correct the 261 puff bugs???Nalin Nyda11
"sorry guys"---Fwank7Nalin Nyda2
Nimiq 2 sucksAfrican2
PPV ON DNdavid6
New channel xxxDesert Fox10
Boot on flu converted to pufflakh3
Any CS 6K receiver users out there ?wkb4
What receivers can be converted?Grim14
Help with jtag my boxAna Iris5
New Channel XXXKROKUS5
Please helpjohn doe1
Skyview RX-600 fixuguess2
Thanks African - VS Ultra Channel Scan Echo 7 and 8Plymouth6
Is the new file freezing a lot on View SatMETALLICA7
129 signal ?you1
8/10/ku channels do not work!!!!Plymouth4
Nalin, please helpMaple Leaf18
Europeabe rais1
Nalin, please help?LK admits40
Nfusion ConnectivityDesert Fox25
lost documentary channeldetroitd mich.1
Remote dont work METALLICA4
Where do I point my dish to get MLB Extra Innings from BEVKutrin11
Question about CW 600Sbruce l7
New channel xxxcc2
Which Receiver to buy???Sled King22
Captive works 600 s premiumbruce l13
VERY BAD NEWS FOR C00LSAT 4000,5000 & 6000LK10
Thank You Razzor24
Someone help please!Razzor6
Cheap & Working Receiverdong chad4
Urgent - Can somebody told me for CW 800 dong chad13
2500 puffsssKROKUS100
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