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DVD Player to PC Sound CardClayton D. Livingsto1
Dark Side of The Moon SACD Skipping on Denon DVD 2200Kano5
Sony SLV D300pW W3
Hooking up dvd, tv, vcr,satallite receiver, rf modulatorDanette A. McElhinne3
6 Channel DirectPaul8
So, what kind of speaker systems does everyone use for SACD/DVD-A?Kano5
Blue Light AudioTevo4
Difference between Dolby and DTSBobby Raj30
Tommy SACD Multichannel problemRobert Odell3
Need a tv to setup universal player?Robert Odell3
Humbly request your audio wisdomRobert Odell5
Can anyone suggest a DVD Player which does Audio CD REALLY well?Robert Odell18
Pansonic DMR-E75Vaharony3
About HDCDSem8
Eton John SACD vs. DVD-AudioAnonymous21
HTiB with DVD-A and SACD capabilities?Arnold Layne4
NAD T533 right channel problemJohn A.3
Pansonic DMR-E75VEfraim Morales1
Looking for a DVD AUDIO or SACD with great Chello musicSteve1
Dvd P242 !!!Fernando Biazzoto1
LG DS8512Collin1
Should I buy the Pioneer 578 for DVD-A/SACD or look elsewhere?Arnold Layne2
Sorry I meant XRCD ????natish-India2
Problems w/DVD-A & SACD bass output Kevin J.12
New System vs Progressive Scanmikemav5
Why produce two versions?Arnold Layne21
DTS/DD disc?Arnold Layne9
DVD player Pioneer 59-AVIRobert Kane1
Philips DVD/SACD player - spaces between songsArnold Layne3
Sony DAV-FR9 vs. denon 2910kevin nees1
Trying to understand true digital audioJ. Vigne7
DVD-A disc thru DVD-V and AmpArnold Layne7
Quality difference between digital and analog outputsMy Rantz19
Surround MusicGary Mraz1
Panasonic S55s dvd Audiolarz1
FYI: Setting correct rear speaker delay is very importantSteve2
Help!! Hooking Denon DVD2900 to Aragon SoundstageSteve6
Top-tier DVD-A player from 2001/02 worth buying?My Rantz9
Onkyo dvd players. Help decidedc12
How do i fix itSem4
Best place to purchase SACD and DVD-A disc?Sem9
Pioneer Elite 45A or Cambridge Audio 540DGoose4
How to tell if a CD is a SACD?My Rantz2
DVD Audio on pcKano2
XRCDBen James5
Inexpensive Universal DVD Player?!!!My Rantz7
Marantz DV-7500Michael3
Problems with Steely Dan = "Two Against Nature"My Rantz2
Pioneer DV-563A...does yours skip?Dan Van Antwerp4
Vhs to computer dvd burner.Berny3
Please explainLarry R7
Orbison's Black & White Night on SACD & DVD-AMy Rantz1
Pioneer DV-563A analog output problemBrian J Knight10
DVD Player: Video Scaling/SACD/DVD-AKano4
Quickie: Any DVD-A that allows you to play 96/24 in Digital 2 ChannelArnold Layne27
Hooking up 2 channel dvd audio/sacdArnold Layne2
SACD and new stereoLarry R16
DVD-A. Cambridge Audio azur 540D, NAD T533...?Sem24
SACD and Receiver TroubleJ. Vigne2
Denon DVD2900 & Vibration with SACD & DVD-A discsJoeN11
Connecting DVD, Cable and VCR to TVMy Rantz2
Why is my dvd-a disc only playing out of 2 speakers?john victor5
No sound from rear speakers when sacd multi is playing?J. Vigne3
Troubleshooting Pioneer DVD model XV-HTD510-Bpjak1
Hitachi DVD - DV P745E region unlockPam1
Classical dvd-a recommendation?savoybrown3
Best online dvd-audio source?JAW2
SACD - Sony Dream System.... Which model?R. Alex Dingley1
No DVD audio through TAPE OUTFirebrewed5
Best low cost DVD-Audio/SACD player under $300?Sandman4
Need of optical cables for DVDs? (SACD content)Sandman3
Trying to match old stereo speakers with new surround sound systemJohn A.4
Was Norah Jones' SACD a low-res disc?Robert Culp22
Cheap Universal - Toshiba or Pioneer or Samsung?Anthony3
Marantz Recvr/Toshiba DVD-A ProblemAnthony9
Not all dvd-a's the same? even the same ones?My Rantz9
The Death of SACD and DVD AudioLarry R19
User Review......... CA Azur 540Dlarz32
Harmon Kardon DVD25Bleustar3
Just getting into Hi Res, Question PleaseSteve7
Problems with Denon DV-2200JoeN5
DVD-audio playback / No soundSem6
Sacd/dvd-a in stereo John A.6
I bought a Denon DVD-2910pjas15
What's the deal with HDCD?Robert Culp4
Philips MDV630R DVD Recorder / PlayerAnonymous2
Dvd-a 2 channelDavidR2
Some SACD's only in 3 channelskjn5
Am I going to lose too much without DVD-A?sinkdraiN8
Another format!??Slade20
SACD decoding problems with STR-DE697Edward N. Mendelson6
Legion of boom!Slade1
No Subwoofer on Pioneer DV-578A-S SACDSandman11
Pioneer DV-655A - Bass Management ?KEGGER2
All in one or one for each.Smitty13
Kiss DVD DP 1000 Optical outKEGGER2
Opinions/comparisons on marantz and Yamahahousecat1
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