Best low cost DVD-Audio/SACD player under $300?


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All, looking for a decent Universal player for under $300. I know that is asking a lot ;-). Wanted for a bedroom system. I have bought the Pioneer VSX-1014 and I am now looking for a good Universal player in the less than $300 range, preferably with bass management, and speakers in the $500-$750 range. Any thoughts appreciated. Here is what I am considering so far :
Universal player -
Pioneer DV578
Samsung DVD-HD841
Onkyo DV-CP802

Speakers -
Orb Audio Mod 1
Infinity TSS750
PSB Alpha Intro

Thanx for any help! -Rick


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I had the Pioneer DV578a for a few weeks but returned it to purchase a Yamaha DVD-C750. The only issue I had with the Pioneer what that I found the redbook CD quality poor and I wanted a 5-disk changer. The Yamaha is significantly better at redbook CD, even when used as a transport. I couldn't say which one had better DVD-A/SACD because I didn't A-B them, but both sounded very good to me. I didn't play around much with the bass management, both have fixed crossovers that were too high for my liking(Yamaha is 120Hz, not sure about Pioneer). You may want to consider the Toshiba SD4960 as well.

I think you may mean the Onkyo DV-SP502 in your list rather than the CP802 which is a changer and is (I think) out of the $300 price range.

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I've had the Pioneer DV578a for about a month. I'm very happy with it. In my opinion, redbook CD's sound great on it. (MP3's sound great, too.)

I think this review is very informative. It's for the DV-563a, but they're very close to being the same player:

One thing I can say I don't like about the DV578a is that the firmware doesn't support setting the volume level for individual speakers (like the surrounds) as the DV-563a did.

But, other than that, I'd recommend it to anyone.

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I could also add, it seems, with the Pioneer DV578a, you have to turn up the LFE channel about 7 to 12 decibles when playing SACDs and Audio-DVDs. I don't know why, but the level is just low. That could potentially be a pain if that means you have to go over and turn up the volume on a sub-wooder. For me, I have a dedicated receiver with a digital decible readout, so it's not too hard to go back and forth.
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