Dark Side of The Moon SACD Skipping on Denon DVD 2200


Nick Tompson
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Hello all,

I have recently purchased the Denon DVD 2200, and in short, I love it. It does everything I want, and has absolutely magnificent sound quality.

Needless to say, I was somewhat upset when it started to develop problems playing back my SACD copy of the Dark Side of the Moon.

I originally used this disc to show off the player to all my friends: it worked perfectly. To start with, it would occassionally skip, but usually get over it. Now, though, it can play about the first 4 tracks of the Stereo SACD layer without any trouble, but the skipping gets worse past track 4, until about track 8 where it just produces no sounds at all.

It doesn't play the multichannel SACD layer at all. However, it does play the CD layer without any trouble.

I only have two SACDs. The other one, a Bach compilation, plays without any issues.

I have tried the Pink Floyd SACD in other players, and it works fine (all layers).

I would love to know if any body has had these problems, and if they have, what they had to do fix them. This problem has developed rather quickly (within about 2 months).

Hope to hear some promising news soon!


Nick Tompson

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Try adjusting the 2200's setup - turn muli-zone off (if it has it), toggle source direct to on or off (if it has it).

I'm familiar with the 2200's successor, the 2910, and I have read about it not playing some discs. Upgrading the firmware usually fixes the problem, or ejecting and re-loading the disc until it recognizes the format.

You can download the firmware here :


just burn it on a CD - load the disc, wait for finish, reset the main power, and re-initialize, easily done. The instructions may vary for the 2200, they provide them all on-line. If it reports there are no upgrades for your product, call Denon and have them register your serial number.

Nick Tompson
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Thankyou for your response, however, I do not consider a solution where I have to repeatedly reload the disc to make it play acceptable. Furthermore, in my case, the disc loads fine, it's just that it skips during playback.

Also, burning to CD is hardly a solution: it is the SACD layers that I am interested in.

Once again, thanks for your feedback. I hope that there may be someone who has had direct experience with this problem who may be able to respond.

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I have one of the Pioneer 563A's and have had two copies of DSOTM skip, both in exactly the same spot. Lucky for me its on the song, "Money" - possibly my least favorite song from the Pink Floyd catalog. Like yours, mine plays the cd layer just fine, and only skips on the surround SACD layer. I tried it on a Denon 2200, of all things, and it played flawlessly.
Best of luck in getting this resolved.

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You misunderstood what I meant by burning to CD. The firmware is the software that the player operates by. You can download new firmware for the Denon 2200 off the link I provided above. You burn the firmware (very small file) to a CD in order to install it onto the DVD player, this might correct the issue.

Ejecting and re-loading is a means for the player to re-scan the disc, this may be used as a short term solution if you don't have a CD burner and have to wait for Denon to mail the firmware update to you.
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