Marantz Recvr/Toshiba DVD-A Problem


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Marantz 7300ose with Toshiba SD-4960

Can not control volume when playing DVD-A. Plays at near max volume only.

Using analog cables to connect 5.1 from receiver to DVD player. Do not have sub woofer, so I have cables connected for front left,right and center. And surround left and right.

Using the 7.1/Direct setting on receiver.

Plays at FULL volume and neither the receiver nor DVD player can contol volume output.

What am I missing?

DVD player Audio setting are Bitstream and DTS On. But I thought that a dvd-a being played is detected by the dvd player and outputs to analog jacks. I tried disconnecting my co-ax digital connection so as not to confuse matters. And even changed the dvd audio settings to PCM. Did not help.

Need help.


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By the way, DTS and Dolby DVD movies play correctly thru digital output. Volume control and quality is correct.


J. Vigne
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Are you certain you have connected the player to the 5.1 line inputs and not the 5.1 power amp inputs? Did you remove any jumpers to make this connection? What happens when you use the two channel mixed audio ouputs from the player and play a regular CD?


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As answered on the Receivers thread:

Like Jan says, make certain that you have connected whatever number of cables you are using to the 7.1 channels IN section on your 7300 and that you press the 7.1 channels in button (below the on button) on your remote to play.

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Thanks Rantz and Jay. Of course I had everything cabled correctly. Famous last words. Added a new DVD player and so much stuff was already attached, I could not move my receiver out to connect DVD player.. So I worked from the front reaching to the back with a mirror and flashlight. The 7300 is set into an enclosed audio center. It was incorrectly connected to the power amp inputs. I had even doubled checked, but with tons of cables everywhere I just did not look closely enough.

Thanks, for the kick in head to make me double check.

Plays beautifully now.....


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hi this is the first time i have come to you for help my dad has a new dvd player-Toshiba SD-110EB and i would like to unlock it for him
can any body help me plz xx

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Ask your question on the DVD player thread. I'm sure someone there can help you.

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Glad you got it sorted out - nothing more frustrating.

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How do you like the SD4960? I also have a 7300ose and is considering the Toshiba over the cheap Pioneer or Samsung. Please share your thoughts.


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