SACD decoding problems with STR-DE697


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I have the Pioneer DV-563A player hooked up to my Sony STR-DE697 with both a digital coax (for DVD movies and DVD-audio)and multiple speaker RCA connections for SACD. My DVD-audio and movies sound AMAZING but for some reason I cannot get the same results with SACDs. My Pionner player reads the SACD for the hybrid discs and appears to be outputting the signal and I have tried listening through the DVD input and the multi-channel input on my SONY but only seem to get 2 channel stereo. What am I doing wrong?? I want to buy more SACDs but I have only had success in enjoying my DVD-audios. Is there a specific decoding setting for SACDs that I do not know about?? The manual does not seems to indicate much except what I have already tried. Any suggestions would greatly appreciated.

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Is there a setting that you might have not set correctly? I remember that for SACD you can choose for output to 5 channels, normal CD layer, or two channels. Also, I've heard that some SACD don't utilize all 5 channels.

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+ Speaker settings. If stereo, overrules SACD 5.1 setting.

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Little OT here, but related...

Darrin stated that he is using the digital coax for both DVD movies and DVD-A.

Doesn't DVD-A require the same multichannel inout as SACD to perform at its full benefit?

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Darren mentioned "multiple speaker RCA connections", which I interpret as the 5.1 analogue connection.

Anyway Robert you are right about analogue output (2.0 or 5.1) being better for DVD-A. The digital connection (S/PDIF) can only handle up to 96KHz/24 bits for 2 channels. And many DVD discs instructs the player to downsample to 48 KHz/24 bits or even mute the digital output.


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DVD-V(Movies)audio is sent to the receiver by way of a digital connection. All your settings(base management,speaker distances and sound levels) are set by the receiver. In order to play high resolution dics(SACD or DVD-A) in 5.1 you need to connect your pioneer via 6 cables to the multichannel inputs of your receiver, one for each speaker including the sub. You still need to make all the settings for it to sound correctly(base management, speaker distances,and sound levels). Your receiver cannot do these settings when hooked up to the multichannel inputs. These setting have to be performed by your pioneer, most universal dvd players have these settings. After you do this you may have to tell your pioneer which format it is playing and set your receiver to multichannel. Hope this helps.
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